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I told myself that when I had my last day of work, I would start a blog.

I’ve had blogs in the past. Back in middle school and through the beginning of high school, I used a site that was popular back then: DiaryLand.

An actual screenshot from my first blog...which I can still access today.

I then made the move to Blogger, where I wrote about my exciting life as a college sophomore.  I continued with this blog until my junior year, when I began dating my current boyfriend.  I then had another blog when I studied abroad in London, and another one last summer when I had to have one for my social media course.  Which leads me to now.

I have chosen to make a permanent move to WordPress, and what I choose to write about will be completely different this time.

I have spent the last 18 years in school.  First there was elementary, then middle, followed by high school.  Add on four years of college at a small, private university in Massachusetts and another year for my Masters at said university, and we have jumped ahead to today.

Last week I finished my graduate courses.  Then I went to Disney World.

But seriously…I did go to Disney.  It was wonderful.  Another post for another day, perhaps.

At Epcot!
Magic Kingdom!

Then I came back and worked one last week at–hopefully–the last menial job of my life.  The last job that does not relate to what I have spent so much time studying and preparing for.

I assumed that by the time I left this job, I would have one lined up.  I would be leaving one job and going to another, and I would be thrilled at the possibilities ahead of me.

And while I’m still thrilled about all of the opportunities ahead of me, I don’t have another job right now.  And honestly, I’m kind of nervous.  And scared.  But also, excited.

So I’ve had a bunch of blogs before.  And I’ve spent a lot of my life leading to this one big moment.  Graduation is May 22.

What will this blog be?  What I would like is to use this as a tool.  A way for me to keep track of myself.  For the first time since I was 16 (the age I could legally work in Connecticut), I am unemployed.  It’s scary.

But, it also gives me a lot of time to focus on me and what I want.  I want to find a job that I love.  I want to enjoy my free time, and spend it with friends I haven’t seen in far too long.  I want to spend time with my boyfriend, who I have only seen once every week or two for almost the past year (since he lives in Connecticut and I’ve been finishing school/working full-time in Massachusetts).  I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  But mostly, I want to be happy.  If there is a time to be unemployed, it’s right now.

Because really, who wants to be unemployed in New England in the winter?

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