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And…almost two weeks later…

It’s been close to two weeks since I last wrote and boy do I have some updates little has changed.

I went to visit a friend in DC last weekend and my time there stressed to me how much I would love to be living and working in a city.  Sure, I live in West Hartford, which is allegedly a city based on the population but is referred to as a town because of the connotation that the word “town” carries.  But West Hartford is simply not the same as Washington, DC, Boston, New York, or any other comparable city.

Since getting back, I have applied for jobs in the DC area, which actually has opened up opportunities for me significantly since there are so many jobs down there.

This now brings my application total to: 342809 somewhere around 80.

Tomorrow a neighbor is stopping by to collect my resume to pass along to someone in the marketing/communications department in her company.

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