Before SoCal

And another one…

Today has been fairly productive so far.  I got up, applied for a couple of jobs, then went to the gym.  It always amazes me just how much a workout can improve my mood.  After running three miles and walking on an incline, totaling a 50-minute treadmill workout, I headed home.

I watered my garden for the first time in days; it’s been so rainy here that I haven’t even looked at the plants in a few days.  My tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, and one measly squash plant are growing–slowly but surely!

Last Tuesday I mentioned that my neighbor would be stopping by to collect my resume.  By Friday afternoon, only a few hours after my failed interview, I had heard from someone at his office wanting to talk further about a possible opportunity at his company.  I missed his call but by the time I saw that he had called and returned the call, he had gone home for the weekend.  I left him a message and this morning he called me back.

After making small talk and exchanging witty repartee for a few minutes, he invited me for an interview.  He asked when would be a good time for me, and I noted that I am, “Pretty open.”  Read: I am always free.  So, he invited me for an interview this afternoon at 3:30.

I don’t know much about the company so I am off to go do some research but keep your fingers crossed for me.  I hope it goes well!

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