Before SoCal

An Assortment of Things

My trip to Target was a success!

I went to get a couple of these tumblers, so that I can save money by bringing my own iced coffee into work each day.

I got a large one and a small one and I can’t wait to start using it.  I also got some snacks, since this Target now has a grocery section, and a big tote bag for work.  I was told they give us laptops to use so I wanted a bag that was big enough to carry a laptop to and from work.

Afterwards I went to Trader Joe’s with one thing in mind.

Simply amazing.

Of course I ended up getting some other things, including some apples and a delicious salad dressing that I wanted to incorporate into tonight’s dinner.

I bought these turkey burgers earlier this week and was eager to try one.

But…I also wanted to use this dressing.

So…I made a delicious salad with both of them!

But…I haven’t yet eaten, so I’m off to go enjoy this deliciousness right now.

Hope everyone’s Wednesday has been great (even if it has been a rainy one some places)!

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