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Half Marathon? Should I?

On Sunday, after not having done a run longer than three miles in more than a month, I ran 5.5 miles and somehow survived.

The last time I think I have run that far was when I was still in Worcester, and I was running around six miles for a long run.  In fact, I just looked on Twitter and as I suspected, the last time I had a long run was on May 25.

For months now, I’ve been eying (side note: I thought this was spelled eyeing, but apparently it’s not) a half-marathon that is supposed to take place in October.  Back in February, I was so close to signing up for a half marathon and was doing so well in my training.  I was up to seven miles at an 8:40 (fast for me) pace.

Unfortunately, days after completing this long run, I got into a pretty bad car accident.  While I was okay aside from a few scrapes and bruises (and a totaled car), I wasn’t allowed to work out for a little over a week and when I got back into it, I was supposed to take it easy.  This, combined with the fact that I became significantly depressed about everything that had happened, left me completely unmotivated.  It also left me feeling like I could never get back to where I was.

In the end, the half marathon I had initially though about was cancelled due to a lack of participation, but I knew I would still want to complete one eventually.

I’ve been looking at the Amica Half in Newport, Rhode Island.

It’s supposed to be a very scenic route, and with it taking place in October, I will have more than enough time to train.

So.  Should I do it?  I haven’t signed up yet and I think my plan is to see how training goes and as it gets closer, if I feel confident, I will sign up.  I know this is backwards from what most people do but for me, I feel like it may work, as I will not get discouraged and I won’t have the pressure of failing to think about.  Instead, it will be something to work toward and if training goes well, I will be able to confidently sign up.

Anyway, I was just throwing it out there, perhaps for some accountability.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday…two more days til a holiday weekend!

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