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Thursday is Wing Day

Yesterday was Thursday, which at work means that it was Wing Day.  In addition to all of the other things I have in common with my coworkers, we also share an adoration for buffalo wings and cheap food.

Thursday is 60¢ wing day at a restaurant nearby.  Side note: when I Googled a shortcut for the cent symbol on a Mac, I learned how to do the £ symbol.  That would have been useful for the four months I spent in London, where I copied and pasted the symbol if I typed it out.  Wings are probably my favorite food ever.

In my attempt to be healthy, though, I opted to get a grilled chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce on top, and instead of getting fries, I got a veggie boat, which consisted of celery, carrots, and fat free ranch.  I only ate half the sandwich, which is certainly commendable, but I definitely ate more than my fair share of a coworkers fried pickles.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

Happy Friday (and happy July) everyone!  If you’re on vacation already (like 90% of the people in my office), lucky you!  For the rest of us, we are a few measly hours away from a wonderful holiday weekend!

Any exciting plans lined up?

2 thoughts on “Thursday is Wing Day

    1. No big plans. Movie date with the boyfriend tonight, perhaps dinner with him tomorrow, and the only plans that are holiday-specific: a possible family barbecue on Monday. Mostly tentative plans but it doesn’t matter–it’s a long weekend 🙂


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