Before SoCal

Less Than Exciting Weekly Recap

Well, it’s been almost a full work week since I last wrote.  Needless to say, little has happened.  But, regardless, to recap:

– I’ve had a good training week so far.  I ran 6 miles on Tuesday and was able to sleep in (until 5:45…ha!) on Wednesday, when I ran about 3 1/4 miles.  Yesterday morning I decided to skip the workout and rest, since my legs have been feeling very tired lately!  My ankle is also kind of bothering me, so I decided to skip the gym again today.  Hopefully this will ensure I have a most excellent long run tomorrow morning!

– I worked on the most mundane of tasks for the past two days at work.  Me and Microsoft Excel became really close.  Perhaps a little too close.

Side note: The word “mundane” reminds me of a particular scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Funny movie.

Go watch it if you haven’t already.  Or if you have seen it and want a good laugh.

– Yesterday was Wing Day!  I only ate part of my lunch and left the other half in the fridge at work.  Whoops.  Guess I’ll have leftovers today!

– I have a long run planned for tomorrow morning (10-11 miles).  Should be interesting.  I’m kind of dreading it because it is going to not include the awesome Cape Cod landscape that I was lucky enough to run through last weekend.  Regardless, I’m hoping it will be a successful run that leaves me hungry for more!

– The hotel I booked this past weekend for the half marathon in Providence is completely sold out for that weekend.  I’m so glad I had enough foresight to not wait until the last minute to book a hotel.  The one I picked out is a half mile from the start/finish and about a quarter of a mile from the expo.

And, last but not least…

It’s finally Friday!

Only a few hours ’til the weekend!

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