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Friday Things

Well, I did it.

I signed up for another race…in Vegas!  Right now I’m planning on the half marathon but I am going to see how training goes and if it goes well, I will upgrade to the marathon.  Craziness.

This would also mean that I would have to be motivated to run consistently.  And, as you can see below, I haven’t been.  The 13 miles was my half marathon almost three weeks ago, and this is how much I’ve run since then:

Pathetic.  I think the fact that the race is almost four months away isn’t helping with the motivation, but if I’m considering the marathon then starting training now is essential.

People at work are trying to kill me.  On the same day that Domino’s pizza was ordered for a meeting, these appeared in the kitchen:

I didn’t have any cinnamon rolls.  Pizza was a different story.

On Saturday, I am headed up to the college where I’m an assistant coach for a play day.  It doesn’t look like the head coach will be there because she just had a baby…so it looks like it will just be me and the other assistant!  It has potential to get awkward, as I will be seeing some of my former teammates (the college I went to and played field hockey at is attending the play day) and some of them don’t respond well to my changed role.  Regardless, it will be a good time and I’m hoping the weather holds up, because…

On Sunday, possibly Saturday night, there will be a hurricane up here.

No, not that kind of hurricane.

I’m talking about Irene.

She’s coming for us.  It’s still up in the air as to how strong the storm will be when it hits Connecticut, but it’s definitely headed our way.  Should be interesting, and hopefully not too scary!

Anyone out there getting hit by Irene yet?  Or going to get hit by the storm?

Any other exciting plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Those cinnamon rolls look deelish. I can’t believe you didn’t eat them.

    I am right near NYC, so we are supposed to get hit pretty hard by the storm. But since I’m west of the city, I’m hoping it won’t be as bad.

    Stay safe and happy friday to you too!


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