Before SoCal

Tomorrow Is Friday

Well friends, I received an interesting message today.  From a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn…



Who knew that job recruiters actually looked on LinkedIn and reached out to people?  Anyway, it was pretty exciting, knowing that I am desired by everyone (including employers).  Unfortunately, I will probably decline, as if I were going to leave my current job for another one, I wouldn’t stay in this field, I’d try something different.  That, and the fact that the people I work with are wonderful and I doubt I’d find such a high ratio of awesome people at a new job.

In other news, I’m going out for an Indian binge buffet tomorrow afternoon with some of my [wonderful] coworkers.  It would probably be more enjoyable if there was alcohol involved, but we’ll hold off on that until the work day is over.  Will we really?  Yes, we will.

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