Before SoCal

Thursday Things

1. If you haven’t watched this yet, we can no longer be friends.  I realize you may get teared up and cry but that’s very cathartic sometimes.  And also, it gives perspective.  Again with the perspective.

2.  If you haven’t bought this and thus eaten a whole tub of it by now, you’ve lost my friendship.  Okay, fine, I’ll give you one more chance.

3.  I have meetings today.  And the dentist.  Ten bucks they find another cavity in my mouth, as they’ve already found eleven?  Twelve, maybe?  I’ve lost count.  Then I have a game I have to coach at in Massachusetts.  Anyway, it seems it will be a “busy” day.  I put quotes around “busy” because I’m almost certain it will not be all that busy.

4.  Last night I stayed at work until 7:30 p.m.  THE HORROR.  But, they gave us pizza, so that almost made up for it.

5.  I’m still trying to get out of this town.  As I mentioned before, I always see someone I know, no matter what time of day or where I may be.  The latest?  During my Trader Joe’s run on my lunch break on Tuesday, I saw a girl I went to high school with.  She was in line to check out, so she didn’t see me.  Obviously, I did what any normal person would do and I hid behind shelves of delicious goods until she left.

6.  It’s almost Friday, which means that almost all is right with the world again.

7.  I am supposed to run 18 miles this weekend but I’m freaking out.

8.  Las Vegas is in a mere five-and-a-half weeks.  Ridiculous.

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