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Tonight I went to a vigil for Suzete, who I talked about last week.

It was weird going to the town center and seeing so many familiar faces.  I can’t really explain how it.  With all of the emotion tied to this event came a closeness that I never really felt with some of my peers.  Yet throughout all the loss we have all experienced collectively over the years, members of my class (and many others) came together once again, to honor another one of our own.  And it was weird to me, how so much has changed since high school.  For the most part, we’ve all grown up, perhaps become shadows of who we thought we’d be at this point in our lives.  But despite our “grown up” statuses, and despite all that has changed, so much is still the same.

It’s sad to me when I think about how many people have come in and out of my life throughout the years.  There’s a girl, who was once my best friend, but who I haven’t talked to in years since she sent me a hurtful message on Facebook defining how different we truly were with her words, well thought-out, and written with malice.  We saw each other tonight, and smiled at one another.  There’s a guy, with whom I went to my junior prom.  He was one of my good friends in high school.  We saw each other tonight, and agreed to get together at some point in the near future.  I hope this is one of those instances where we actually do get together, and didn’t just say it as a means of politely closing a conversation with one another.

A lot has changed.  A lot.  I’ve grown tremendously and I know some of the people I have tonight have as well.  At the same time, it amazes me how familiar some things were.  Friendly, but not contrived.  Awkward, but still very comfortable.

It’s amazing how people come together.

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