Before SoCal

Christmas Wishlist 2011

While my Gift Guide highlighted some gift ideas for others, here is a wishlist of my own.  This includes some that are affordable, others that are far more expensive and a couple that can’t be bought and are thus not feasible at all.

The Affordable

Membership for Bikram Yoga

I’m really not sure if I’d even like it, as I am not really a fan of regular yoga.  There’s too much going on in my mind for me to focus on breathing and stuff like that.  But, this kind of yoga is supposed to be way more difficult, and I love things that are physically challenging.  With that, it’s supposed to help stretch runners in a unique way, and with my knees and hips giving me problems when I run distances over 15 miles, I think this could be very beneficial.

Magazine Subscriptions

I would love a subscription to a few different magazines, but the ones that top my list are Runner’s World and Women’s Health.  I usually end up buying these and at around $5 per month, it becomes very expensive.

A Gift Card to Trader Joe’s

So I can buy these almonds.  Or, a year’s supply will also suffice.

Because these are, without a doubt, the greatest, most delicious snack ever.

The More Expensive

iPad 2

While I work in IT and all of my developer friends think Apple is less-than-great, I am not convinced.  I still would love an iPad 2.  I’m not sure if my wanting this product increased after my very long flight to Vegas for my marathon, but I definitely would love to have one.

Roundtrip Airfare, a Hotel Room for Four Nights, and a Paid Registration Fee

For the ING Miami Marathon.

Because I can’t afford it but would really love to go.

The Ones Money Can’t Buy

To Be Able To Function on Minimal Sleep

Like Tera Moody, who has suffered from insomnia for years and is still an incredible runner.

To Have a Body Like

Jessica Biel or Adriana Lima or Rihanna.

Ryan Gosling

If we’re being honest here, this shouldn’t require any explanation.  It’s Ryan Gosling, and I want him for Christmas.

My Dream Job

I have some ideas of what this “dream job” consists of.  Really, I’d just to know when I can start.


So, these are some of the things on my wish list this year.  I know I won’t get all of them, and that’s okay.

Because really, I’d settle for Ryan Gosling.

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