Before SoCal

Friday Things

End of week highlights:

–  I made it through another work week.

I love this commercial.  And the pig.

–  New Year’s Eve got terrible reviews and my expectations are so unbelievably low…but I’m going to see it tonight anyway.

I also think that if this is really a promotional poster for the movie, it is poorly designed and does nothing to get me excited for the movie.  But I suppose since I’m going to see the movie anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

–  I saw this on Laura‘s blog and had to share, as it made me cry in my cubicle for the second time this week (minus the part when he starts dancing).

–  In keeping with my adoration of The Hunger Games, I started reading the third book a couple days ago.

So far, I haven’t been able to get into it like the others, but I’m still enjoying it.  However, based on its reviews on Amazon, I’m having doubts about how this series will end and whether or not I’ll enjoy it.

–  Somehow, I’m just discovering this site.  My life has really been very sad up until this point.  In addition to crying in my cubicle, for various reasons including the video above, I have begun laughing out loud to myself.  People here are probably beginning to think I’m nuts, if they didn’t already.

This one is my favorite.  Mostly because I love polar bears but also because it’s just so ridiculous.


And that’s that.  Happy Friday!

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