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A Modified FIRST

Dear Peanut Butter and Banana,

Why are you such a winning combination?  This is today’s breakfast, and as I haven’t eaten peanut butter and banana in far too long, this morning I am full of overwhelming joy.

In other news, it turns out carrot cake is good fuel for a run.  Who knew?

For yesterday’s run after work, I incorporated the FIRST Marathon Training program, which came highly recommended from my friend Brenna.

The FIRST plan’s Key Run Workout #1 was on the agenda, but I modified it a bit to meet my current fitness needs (as I am still able to maintain higher mileage after my marathon a few weeks ago).

The run was supposed to consist of the following:

10 minute warm-up
6 x (1 minute fast then 3 min. easy)
10 minute cool-down

Instead, I did the following (on the treadmill):

12 minute warm-up (6.0)
8 x (1 minute fast then 3 min. easy)
3 x (2 minutes easy then 1 min. fast)
2.5 minutes very fast

I ended up completing 6 miles in 55:34 (9:16 pace).  I was initially planning on doing a 12 minute cool-down but I was feeling so good that I decided to push it a little harder.  It didn’t hurt that there was this insanely good looking guy on the elliptical behind me and I wanted to finish the 6 miles before he was done so he could see how crazy athletic I am and therefore want to date me.  Hey!  Whatever gets me moving.

Quick side note: I never know what my pace actually is on the treadmill, because I’ve read that your pace on a treadmill is different than if you run outside, due to a lack of incline and wind resistance.  This is a pretty interesting conversion chart, but after trying to use this methodology one time when running, I had to ditch it because it was confusing me.  Either way, just something I thought I’d share.

Happy Wednesday — two more days until a long holiday weekend!

3 thoughts on “A Modified FIRST

    1. HAHA Brenna! I am literally laughing out loud at work. No, I swear, he’s like realllllllly good looking. Also, he’s probably in his late 20s but it will never work because everyone I meet thinks I’m 16. True story.


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