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I Think I’ve Made My Decision.

I don’t think I can go to New York.  Not yet, anyway.  There are a few things that made this decision difficult.  But there are also a few things that made it really easy.

For one, in order for us to get the price we wanted on a specific apartment, we would have to sign a two-year lease.  With no job lined up, and only enough for just under a year’s worth of rent, it wouldn’t make sense for me to sign a lease and make that commitment.  As much as I want to have that “now is the time to take risks” mentality, this is just a bit too much of a risk.

The other big reason I won’t be leaving is because of work.  Long story short, I am in a situation now where I have presumably been given an opportunity to do well, and to succeed.  Whereas ideally this opportunity would’ve arisen months ago (or even when I first started back in June), I suppose it is better late than never.  At this point, I need to have a chance to excel and I need to prove what I am capable of.  I am no IT genius, that’s for sure.  But I do believe that if I am trained and given the resources I need to do well, I will excel.  And if I don’t, then it’s on me.  But at this point, my future can be deeply affected one way or the other with this position.  If I committed myself to giving it my all and then chose to leave in three weeks, that would not smart.  It wouldn’t look good, and it would leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

As I mentioned last time, if New York is something I really want, then I will get there.  It may be six months, it may be a year, but it will happen if I want it to, because ultimately I make the decisions, and I make things happen.


I leave you with this adorable picture that showed up in my email earlier today.  It’s no secret that I love pitbulls, so here is this:

And may I remind you that this breed of dog is allegedly dangerous and aggressive.  I think not.


ETA (about an hour later): I was mistaken.  Notice how above I said presumably?  Well that presumed opportunity was wrong.  In its place?  No opportunities here, but plenty of opportunities elsewhere.  On to bigger and better things, I guess.  But still not sure what’s next.

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