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The Long Run is Back

Last night I told myself that this morning I would run 10 miles, since it would be a good assessment of whether I’ll be prepared for the half marathon on April 29, should I decide to run it.

Recently I’ve noticed that when I wear a stopwatch, as opposed to my Garmin GPS watch, I actually have better runs because I have no idea how far I’m going or what my pace is, and I just focus more on the amount of time I’m running for.  I love having the Garmin a lot of the time, especially for my longer runs for marathon training, but my realization about having better runs sometimes without it only further emphasizes just how mental running is.

The longest run I’ve done since my marathon was back in February, when I ran 10 miles in Key West.  I’ve been doing a lot of shorter, faster runs lately, and it’s definitely helping.

This morning, I ran for 1:40:29, under the assumption that my average pace would be around 10 minutes/mile.  When I got home and mapped it out, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

11.28 miles.  Whoa.

That means that my pace was 8:51 per mile.

During my run I was calculating how fast you’d have to be to run a half marathon in under 2 hours.  The average pace would have to be right around 9-minute miles or less, and I was thinking about how not feasible that is for me, especially right now.  It turns out that it would absolutely be possible if I actually really committed to training.  So while it may be out of the question for this half marathon coming up (still debating if I’ll do it), it would not be out of the question for future races.

But seriously, can you believe that time and distance this morning?  Crazy.

In other news, my friend is running the Boston Marathon on Monday and is freaking out about the forecast and the fact that it’s supposed to be around 90 degrees.  So if anyone out there is reading this, please send her some good thoughts for a safe and enjoyable race.

2 thoughts on “The Long Run is Back

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Brenna! I think I can do it! The half I have planned for April 29 is supposed to be quite flat, so I think it would be a great course to get a sub-2:00! We’ll see though…races are always a bit different. Again, thanks for your positive words, they really do mean a lot 🙂


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