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I Found a May Race!

Hooray.  So, I initially had this fun plan to run the following schedule of races for the next three months:

Sunday, April 29 – Cheshire Half Marathon – Cheshire, CT

Sunday, May 27 – Boston’s Run to Remember – Boston, MA **

Sunday, June 3 – Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon – Simsbury, CT

But now we can change May because…

I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon with Team For Kids.  Which is pretty exciting because:

1) The race sold out in 10 hours.  That’s right.  15,000 spots filled that quickly.


2) Running for a cause makes everything that much more meaningful.

If you’re feeling generous, you can make a donation through my fundraising page.  If not, that’s fine too (I hate asking people for money, even if it’s going to charity).  And if I don’t get into the NYC Marathon (I find out on Thursday!) I am considering running through a charity, because I already like the fact that I am running for an organization with a great mission.

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