Before SoCal

Latest Obsessions

  1. Berries.  Now that it’s spring, the grocery stores have strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries on sale every. single. week.  It’s amazing.


  2. Peanut butter.  Though, this obsession is nothing new, below is a recent purchase.


  3. Insanity.  So, I’ve been doing this for the past three days and have been unable to walk all three days.  It’s hard.  I sincerely thought it was just going to be like any other exercise video I’ve tried but for real…this is tough.  And it’s definitely is making me work my legs much differently than straight long distance running.  Having to roll out of bed every morning and ease myself down the stairs has been awful awesome.  Oh, and I should also probably mention that my mom made an unprompted comment about how she could see muscle in my arms.  So I guess those pushups are paying off.


  4. B.o.B. – So Good.  I’ll have you living life like you should, you’ll say you never had it so good.

  5. Cake-Filled Peanut Butter Cups.  I have yet to make these and am terrified of doing so because I will presumably eat them all, but still.  Look at them.


Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start!

6 thoughts on “Latest Obsessions

    1. I know. It’s killing me. I want to make them but I really can’t because I really would eat them all. Hmm, there must be some way out of this that doesn’t involve me eating them all…sending some your way?


      1. I remember seeing these back when I looked through almost all of your posts when I had nothing to do all day at work. I was amazed then and still am. They. Look. Ridiculous. UGH AND THE COCONUT ONES? Yeah…ridiculous. PS this comment thread is ridiculous as well.


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