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All I Want To Do Right Now Is Run.


Look at what it’s like outside now.  Ridiculous.  Perfect running weather.

But I won’t.

The Brooklyn Half Marathon is in two days (!) and I want to make sure my legs are fresh.  I had heard the course was hilly, but I mapped the course out this morning, and I’m thrilled with it.

The first six miles are up and down a couple hills, but it’s nothing like Newport.  The stretch from 3.5 to 6 miles (uh…2.5 miles…yikes) will be a tough steady incline, but I can do it.  And the best part is that after that terrible stretch, the last six/seven miles are pretty much completely down a lovely little incline.  To be honest, the hills don’t really matter if you are mentally struggling and continuously putting yourself down anyway, so if I’m positive about things then it shouldn’t affect much.  So, my goals for this race:

  1. Have fun with it.  This is the ultimate goal here, especially since I am running this race for Team For Kids.  Also, this race is in Brooklyn, a borough of my favorite city in the world (okay, okay, my second favorite city in the world; London will always be first), so I need to just go out there and have fun.  I need to not stress, not get sad, not get overwhelmed or put too much pressure on myself.  I just need to go out there and enjoy it for the wonderful experience that it will undoubtedly be.
  2. Run the whole thing.  To be honest, I have no idea why I have such a problem obtaining this goal.  Well, I do know why.  It’s a mental thing.  I can go out and do training runs literally non-stop and feel amazing and on top of the world.  But for some reason, when I get into a race setting, I second-guess myself.  I would really, really like to run this entire thing (not including walking through water stations because I’m prone to tripping/falling/slipping/spilling/accidents).
  3. PR.  Again, there is no question that a PR would be wonderful.  Great and amazing.  All I need to do is run the race in under 2:06:59.  I think know I can do it.
  4. Finish in under 2 hours.  It’s go time.  Ahh, I want this one so bad.  I’ve tried to incorporate more high-intensity interval training (HIIT) since my last half, so I’m hoping this will help me.  And, per the recommendations on the running forum on Reddit, I am going to wear my Garmin for this race as opposed to just a plain old stopwatch so I can actually track my pace and not overdo it in the beginning.  Plus, I’ve realized that sometimes it feels like I’m going stupid slow and I feel like I’m dying and then I look down at my watch and realize I’m actually dying because I’m running way faster than I should be.  So.  Hopefully the HIIT combined with my Garmin and mental prowess will help me obtain this goal.


Quick side note: I definitely thought the race started at 7:30 a.m…but just saw it started at 7 a.m.  Good thing I looked it up.

Tomorrow morning, I’m driving into Brooklyn and parking my car at my friend’s apartment, where I’ll be spending the night.  The rest of my day will be filled with picking up my race bib/other miscellaneous items, getting lunch with this awesome girl who was supposed to be my roommate back when I was planning on moving to Manhattan, and then wandering around the city for the rest of the day until my friends get home from work.  Sometimes, unemployment has its perks, and this time, it comes in the form of my having the flexibility to go into the city when I need to and not have to worry about taking time off.

After the race, I’m headed up to Worcester, Mass., for a graduation party for one of my friends from college.  I am so proud of this girl.  She literally worked 3-4 jobs throughout her time in school (3-4 at once…not over the course of four years), played a varsity sport for a couple of years, was a full-time student, and somehow managed to graduate on time, with really strong grades, and get accepted to a graduate program.  Amazing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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