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My Dog Is Smart (sometimes)

Back in March, when I was planning on moving to Manhattan, I found a couple of girls through Craigslist to live with.  They were both great, albeit very, very different from each other.  Amanda and I bonded over our love for dogs, specifically pit bulls and rescue/shelter dogs in general.  I (obviously) made the decision not to move, and I felt horrible about the entire thing.

The happiest dog in the world.

I randomly sent Amanda this picture via text one day, because I thought she’d appreciate it, but I didn’t really expect to hear back from her.  We kept talking and when I was in New York for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, we met up for lunch and caught up.

We’ve been talking ever since and this weekend, I am headed down to NYC for a wonderful event run by Adopt NY, “a coalition of rescue groups working to make NY no-kill.”  The adoption event will include dogs and cats from over a dozen local rescues, and is taking place in Tompkins Square Park in East Village (Manhattan) on Sunday from 12-4 p.m.

Here is the event page on Facebook. I really hope if any of you are from the NYC area that you’ll stop by.  Amanda and I will be volunteering with one of the rescues down there, helping with the dogs in any way we can.  I’m actually really nervous about it because I have a feeling I will want to take a dog home…

As you decide whether or not to make the trip to see so many wonderful adoptable dogs and cats (which, obviously, you will make the trip), enjoy the videos below.

Mickey is a pit bull my mom rescued from a shelter in the Bronx.  If we are being honest, he is not always the brightest bulb in the box and intellectually, he can’t compare to the “Einstein of Dogs,” but he has come so far in the short time we’ve had him.  He is a true testament to how incredibly loving and loyal dogs are, despite their background or experiences (he was abused and very, very scared before we got him; my mom has done some amazing things for this dog).

Here he is performing a trick twice in a row (and he did it a third time this morning, but I didn’t catch it on camera).  I wasn’t sure he’d ever get it, but somehow he figured out what he was supposed to do.  I’m so proud.

And again…

Not quite the Einstein of Dogs, but he’s getting there.

File this under: reasons you should adopt a dog and save a life!

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