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So it’s been awhile.

Almost an entire month, in fact.

I can’t believe July has flown by as quickly as it has. Things have really started turning around for me.

Last time I wrote, I reflected on all that had happened in June. A lot happened. A lot of crappy stuff happened. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t struggle to get through the month, to get through some of those days. But July came, and taking time to step away from everything, if only for a day or two, made me feel…good. Like myself. It was a feeling I missed and it wasn’t until I was faced with feeling that way that I realized what a struggle the month prior had been for me.

I haven’t really written because there isn’t too much going on. The little moments (like setting up my office, getting a PR in CrossFit, or getting a couple of new ear piercings) are documented on my photo blog. And within those “little moments” are the bigger, more significant ones.

I visited an old friend in Boston for Fourth of July and had an amazing time. I celebrated my brother’s birthday with him. I spent time with my friends who recently got engaged. I went to my cousin’s wedding and celebrated the union of two people who deserve the absolute best. I started a new job. I found out one of my best friends is struggling with cancer for a third time. I spent a lot of time with said friend, and some other ones. I started reaching out to family more. I RXed on a CrossFit workout for the first time. I said goodbye to one of my best friends–my brother–when he left this morning to move across country to California.

Some of these moments are sad and some are exciting and some are scary. But all of them, whether they are seemingly big or small, are huge. Every single moment is shaping me into the person I am supposed to be.

When I first looked back on my photo blog, I got a sense of sadness over various degrees of loss. Whether it was the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship…for me, there was a sense of failure and a sense of negativity. But when I really sat down and reflected on all the photos? Wow. Seriously. Yeah, there are some trivial, stupid things in there. And yes, there are some heavy things in there. But in all of those photos is a tangible representation of the past seven months, and all the good and bad those months have held, and just how much has happened to me in such a short time. And you know what? I got through it.

So July is over. What is there to look forward to in August?

  • My job.
    I love it so far. I love everything about it. And I’m excited to continue to go into work every single day and do what I’m doing. I can only hope that I continue to feel this way, and I do believe I will.
  • More family time.
    When my half sister passed away, I realized just how much my family means to me and just how precious time with them is. This means that I am going to make an effort to see my family more, even if they do live over an hour away. This coming weekend is my nephew’s birthday party, so that’s a good start!
  • Rock ‘n Roll Providence Half Marathon.
    So, I’m super nervous about this. Let’s be real. Running took the back burner when I started doing (and loving/being obsessed with) CrossFit. So, my only goal for this race is to finish and not to stress out about my time. Seeing as I’m insanely competitive, I feel like the not stressing part will be hard for me. But I’m going to try.
  • Speaking of CrossFit…more CrossFit.
    When I look at some of the things I’ve accomplished so far and some of the times I’m recording and weight I’m putting up…I’m amazed. Absolutely astonished at what I am capable of. I am so, so excited to continue doing CrossFit and to continue seeing gains in my strength and overall fitness.

And, last but not least…the biggest thing of all…the thing about which I am most excited…

  • This dog.

    I’m getting her on Sunday. She is three months old and I already love her very much. I am getting her from Paws to the Rescue in South Carolina. Also, I named her Maeby, after a character in one of my favorite shows. She has a crate and toys and an argyle collar waiting for her.


So yes, bring it on August. I’m ready for you, and I’m excited for you. And I believe that you are going exceed my expectations. July certainly did.

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