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Highlights from a Wednesday

Went to CrossFit and got a 20 lb PR on my deadlift. The coach told me I had more in me but unfortunately we ran out of time. So yes, a 225 pound deadlift, up almost 100 pounds from when I started four months ago.

Later on, I went to Whole Foods to get some almond butter, which I grabbed, but I also was forced to buy this.

Yes, I know. Almond and peanut butter with dried fruit and seeds? I was curious too. So I bought it. And then decided right away that I would consume it after dinner.

For dinner, I got a delicious bagel sandwich from a local bagel place. A turkey BLT on a cheddar bagel. So delicious. Not kosher, which might be ironic, as I was breaking the day’s fast for Yom Kippur, which means I also had the day off because I work for a Jewish-affiliated organization.

Maeby helped me break the fast. Well not really, because I didn’t share. I just let her watch me eat my dinner, as we waited to meet my friend for an evening hike.

Then she got upset when I was done and tried to see what was in the takeout bag.

And this was her first time ever sticking her head in something and having it get stuck. It was lovely and I’m glad I captured it on camera.

Then we went hiking with my friend, and stopped for froyo (not pictured) on the way home.

Overall, a perfect day.

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