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Looking back on my photo-a-day blog, I realized that there were so many little moments I forgot about. So, here are some bits and pieces from this year.

I brought in 2012 with Oscar. I tried Bikram Yoga. I said goodbye to Pete’s cat, Hobbes. She was amazing. I bought an iPad. I ate Chipotle for the first time. I interviewed for jobs in New York City, and locked down an apartment and roommates. I went to Key West. I left my first job out of college. I left my college coaching job. I decided not to move to NYC. I was truly unemployed for the first time ever. I got into a new relationship. I PR’d in a half marathon. I saw the biggest spider ever on my windshield. I PR’d in another half marathon and got sub-2:00 for the first time. I celebrated the life of my brother-in-law. I officially started Crossfit. I learned that just because someone seems like an adult, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is or knows how to handle uncomfortable situations like one. I said goodbye to my best friend, Oscar. I said goodbye to my half sister, Karen, who passed away after dealing with complications from Lyme Disease for half of her life. I escaped to New York City, and then Boston, and was able to feel like myself again for the first time in months, thanks to good times with good friends. I got a new job that was everything I wanted. I said, “See you later,” to my brother, who moved across country to California. I convinced one of my best friends that Taylor Swift’s real name is Maya Marcus. I picked up Maeby from the rescue that pulled her for me. I was summoned for jury duty. I ran another half marathon, and for the first time ever, didn’t care that I didn’t PR. I took Maeby on my friend’s boat, and took her swimming for the first time. I started coaching again, only this time, it was at the high school level. I carved a pumpkin for the first time. Stop judging me. I signed a lease and moved into a new apartment, after living at home for a little over a year. I celebrated my 24th birthday. I ran a race on Thanksgiving for the sixth consecutive year, and got a PR. I ran another half marathon in Las Vegas, my fourth this year, and had a lot of fun. I went to California for the first time. I celebrated Hanukkah at my grandma’s house, had family over for a holiday dinner at my apartment the following weekend, and then celebrated Christmas at my mom’s.

I am closing out 2012 with my half sister, my niece and my nephew.

This past year was a year of change. A year of growth. It was a big one for me.

Here’s to hoping that 2013 is…


I hope someone out there got the reference.

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