A Quarter Century.

Time for the obligatory birthday post.

Twenty five years old today. A quarter century old today.

It’s pretty crazy.

When I was a little girl growing up, people that were in their 20s seemed so old, so mature. To be honest, I think when I was younger (even through my teenage years), I assumed that by the time I was 25, I’d be all grown up, doing big things, maybe even married.

The truth is, I sometimes still feel like a kid. The fact that I look like I’m still 16 probably doesn’t help. No, seriously–I coach at a high school and one of the athletic trainers thought I was a player. Whoops. But yeah. I still feel like a kid half the time. And I guess that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with not being “all grown up,” needing the emotional support of my parents every now and then, and living a little more freely and without the plans I thought I’d have at this age.

In the coming weeks, there is going to be a lot of change in my life. I’m a little scared, a lot excited, and a lot nervous. It’s crazy how much has changed in a year, or in several years, and though my 10 year-old self wouldn’t be expecting my life to be how it is, I know she’d be proud. I’ve accomplished more than I’ve ever expected, my life has taken several turns I didn’t expect, and even though sometimes it’s difficult, overall, I’m enjoying the ride.

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