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All Moved Out.

I spent all of yesterday packing and moving stuff out of my apartment.

The movers told me they would be there between 8:00-9:00 am, so when I heard the doorbell ring at 7:45, I was definitely surprised. But, it was also a good thing; by 9:00, they had loaded everything up into the container and were on their way.

Door to Door, my long distance mover, is connected with smaller moving companies around the country. My local mover is Graebel, based out of North Haven, CT. As I previously mentioned, not only were they early (which I loved), but they somehow managed to fit everything into the container. And when they accidentally put one of my roommate’s chairs into the truck (and it was, of course, all the way in the back), they profusely apologized, found it, and brought it back into my apartment. Unlike PODS, Door to Door (and Graebel) provided me with movers, which made loading the storage container that much easier and stress-free. I had all of my boxes and most of my furniture in the living room, but they also grabbed my bed, dresser and nightstand from my bedroom, as well as my futon from my back porch. The team of four movers were incredibly efficient and I feel as though they actually cared about my stuff and handled my furniture and boxes as if it were their own. 10/10, would use again.

The rest of the afternoon involved me realizing how much miscellaneous crap I have, wishing that I had shipped another box or two of stuff, packing up the aforementioned miscellaneous crap, moving it to my mom’s house, and sorting through and organizing things a bit more. As of right now, the trunk is full of stuff (including the things Adam and I need for the next week of driving across country), and the back seat should be empty but it’s half-covered by the crate I bought for Maeby for when we stay overnight at hotels.

After I finished that up, I got drinks with friends from high school, and then went back to my apartment to grab a few last things and go over the remaining bills with my roommate. Then I saw my empty room.

It’s pretty crazy, all of the changes that I will be going through over the coming weeks. I know I keep saying it but I haven’t been able to wrap my head around it all. Life is going to be significantly different, and I’m still struggling with the fact that my mom won’t be a 15-minute drive away, or that if something happens to my 97 year-old grandmother, I will have to plan a trip home, as opposed to just being able to drive 10 minutes to her house. I’m also missing when my brother comes home to visit, and even though he lives in Los Angeles and I’ll be able to see him more often than I do now, I will be missing the opportunity to spend time with him and everyone else at the same time. The other thing that I’m struggling with is that I won’t be home for Christmas. My family celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah, and we’ve done celebrations for the latter, but I usually spend Christmas Day with my mom. It’s something I’ll get used to, and I find comfort in the fact that I won’t be this far away forever, but it’s still going to be a drastic change.

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