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WTF Cleon

So…Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee are being hit with a major winter storm (named Cleon).


We changed our hotel reservation to stay an extra day here in Tennessee, and our plan to go through Arkansas to Oklahoma City may change, depending on how bad those states have been hit. Unfortunately, whichever direction we go in will be questionable; if we go north through Missouri to Kansas, we will have to drive through a hard-hit part of Missouri; if we go the southern route (which we definitely looked at), we will be fine in Louisiana and Mississippi but will hit ice in Dallas. On top of all that, there have been power outages in many of these states so finding a hotel room may be difficult.

So, we will reassess the situation this evening and decide where we should go from there.

For someone who hates having to break away from a plan (and be kind of spontaneous), I think I’m handling things pretty well.

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