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Uberdog – West Hartford, CT

One of my favorite businesses in Connecticut (that I really can’t say enough good things about and that I really do miss) is Uberdog in West Hartford.

We began taking our family dog to Uberdog, 635 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, 860-236-8237, when it first opened a few years ago. Since then, my mom’s boyfriend has brought his dog, and I began bringing Maeby once she was old enough to go there.

The owner, Dan, is a really nice guy, who loves his family, dogs, and is clearly passionate about what he does and the people and dogs who come there. I feel the same about his staff. Maeby has had issues with her stomach in the past and when she’s gotten sick there, they have immediately called me to let me know what’s going on and have taken care of her to make sure she was feeling better. Or any time that anything has been even remotely questionable about her behavior (for example, one time she seemed disoriented and began walking funny), they have called me to let me know. Dan and his staff care about the dogs that come in, and I’ve always felt comfortable and confident leaving Maeby at Uberdog, even for overnight stays. And when I found out I was moving to San Diego and asked if I could transfer remaining days to a family member, Dan and his staff let me do this, no questions asked.

While I can’t comment on the price (though I have researched similar places in San Diego, all of which seem comparable to Uberdog), I can honestly say that it is worth every single penny. Especially in the winter, when Maeby and I couldn’t go running a few times a week, I found that taking Maeby to Uberdog even once a week (and supplementing it with taking her to the dog park on the weekends) kept her happy and kept me happy too.

If you’re looking for an awesome dog daycare in the greater Hartford area, please stop by Uberdog, 635 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, 860-236-8237, with your furry friend. Dan and his staff will make your feel comfortable and will take care of your dog like its their own. I can’t recommend this place enough.

2 thoughts on “Uberdog – West Hartford, CT

  1. Hey Gloria, thanks so much for your review of UBERDOG! We miss having you and Maebe in for playcare but hope that you’re doing well out in San Diego!


    1. Hey Dan! Thanks for your response! Maeby is trying out a new daycare out here today but I know she is missing all of her friends at UBERDOG. Hope all is well and thank you for everything!


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