product review

Skincare and Keratosis Pilaris

Today we are talking skincare.

I have always been super insecure about these red and white bumps on my upper arms, which tend to get better when I’m tan, and worse in the winter. In middle school, my doctor told me it was dry skin, but Google told me otherwise. It’s actually a genetic condition called keratosis pilaris.

Unfortunately, as my dermatologist explained, since it’s purely and aesthetic condition and there isn’t any long-term cure for keratosis pilaris, the only option is to find a short-term solution that will improve the way your skin looks and feels. Techniques and their results vary from person to person, but I’ve tried using an aspirin paste/scrub, tea tree oil, and changing my diet. The aspirin paste kind of worked, the tea tree oil didn’t work at all and even if it did I likely wouldn’t have continued using it because of how strong it smells, and changing my diet only helped a little bit.

There are two products I’ve been using over the past few months, however, that have made a big difference…

seacret salt and oil scrub and body butter

Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub and Seacret Body Butter. The whole concept behind Seacret is that it’s made from minerals from the Dead Sea. Whether or not that is actually true, I have no idea. But I can tell you that it has worked for me and helped tremendously with the KP.

I use the scrub in the shower, using small circling motions over my arms, and after I get out of the shower, I use the body butter. I also love the way this stuff smells, so that is an added bonus.

Seacret also sells other products. I’ve used the nail buffing block, which I loved, and I’ve also used the hand cream with shea butter. But in my experience, the body butter is the best moisturizer out there, including for my hands, which tend to get very dry and cracked in the winter.

I know these products are expensive, but if you have KP this may be worth a try. And if it doesn’t work out, the scrub and moisturizer both smell so good that in my opinion they’re worth it.

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