What I didn’t expect about living in San Diego: Part I

Obviously I wanted to move here. Obviously it’s a great city.

No, but seriously, it is.

mission bay park

I expected the palm trees and beautiful weather. I even expected traffic. But there were some things I couldn’t really plan on.

    1. How nice everyone is.
      I’m an idiot but I had this idea that southern California was full of beautiful people that were way richer than me and I’d be poor and ugly. Maybe that’s slightly exaggerative, but I thought I wouldn’t fit in. And while I still think that way about Los Angeles and it freaks me out and I have no idea how my brother is living there, I have never once felt that way in San Diego. The people here are laid back, friendly, and not at all what I expected. In the best way.
    2. Helicopters that search for people.
      Yes, there are helicopters that do search and rescue and that’s a wonderful thing, but by this, I mean the helicopters that fly above your neighborhood for extended periods of time and tell you to stay indoors. Because they’re looking for someone who is dangerous. This recently happened while Adam was at work and naturally I went and locked all the windows and found an online stream of the police scanner. Nope, wasn’t freaked out at all.

    3. San Diego (maybe it’s all of SoCal?) drivers freak out in the rain.
      Coming from New England, I know how to drive in blizzard conditions, but San Diego drivers legitimately go into a panic when it rains. It’s almost laughable, until you have to drive in it, and your commute which normally takes 25 minutes takes AN HOUR AND A HALF. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

      San Diego traffic and accidents on a rainy day. This is real life, people.
      San Diego traffic and accidents on a rainy day. This is real life, people.
    4. ▴▴▴▴▴▴

      More to come.

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