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Meanwhile, back on the east coast…

Last time I talked about how obsessed I am with my dog, and today I want to tell you that the past few days have been rough! Maeby has been hanging out at Camp Run-A-Mutt, one of her favorite places ever in San Diego. We dropped her off before heading back to the east coast last week and we will be picking her up first thing when we get back.

So yeah…in case you haven’t figured it out, I’m actually back in New England for a bit!

We flew out early Friday morning, and arrived to gray skies and some rain. Definitely not what I’m used to, but I missed the rain!


I walked into my mom’s house around 8:00 and got to see my favorite guy ever:


And then Saturday consisted of a baby shower, a family dinner in memory of my half sister’s late husband, and my grandma’s birthday party.

98 birthday

We had some family from my mom’s side over for lunch and cake. Can you believe she’s 98 years old?

98 years old


Sunday we awoke bright and early and made the looooong drive up to northern New Hampshire.

new hampshire

Totally worth the drive up. The wedding was in a beautiful location, and it’s the first wedding I’ve been to where I knew so many people. Since Adam and I went to high school together, and this wedding was for one of his best friends from high school, I grew up with many of the people in attendance. It was great seeing familiar faces and catching up with everyone, and I’d say it was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding.

wedding in nh

After the reception, we went back to our hotel for a quick nap, and then met up with everyone later on for some bar hopping.

We spent most of our Memorial Day driving back from Connecticut, and then got pho with Adam’s family for dinner. Probably the least-American thing we could’ve done on Memorial Day.


Gonna wrap this up with a quick throwback to the bottle cap from my Magic Hat #9 on last year’s Memorial Day. I love this.

moments only pass in life to make room for more

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back on the east coast…

    1. Everything is so green here, it’s kinda nuts. You get it – the landscapes are entirely different from where you and I live compared to here. I always knew it but coming back just showed me how different it is.


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