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Shipping Up to Boston – Sweet Cheeks, Hotel Commonwealth, and a Trip to Fenway

When I said this trip to the east coast would be busy, I wasn’t lying. Thursday afternoon, we drove up to Boston to see some friends and catch a Red Sox game. I bought Adam some pretty amazing tickets for his birthday earlier this year, and planned the game around when we would be back in New England.

First off, let’s start with the hotel.

We booked Hotel Commonwealth through Hotel Tonight. If you haven’t used that app yet, I definitely recommend it (and if you’re a first time user and use the code gtorres96 when you sign up, you’ll get $25 off your first booking!). I’m not huge on waiting until the last minute to do things, but in this case it pays off. Basically, if there are openings at a hotel for that night, Hotel Tonight allows you to get discounted rates on those rooms.

When we went up to LA a few weeks ago, we got a room for $300 off the original price of the room. On Thursday, we booked a room at Hotel Commonwealth (since it was only a few blocks from Fenway Park and had parking), and saved $200 on a room at the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. We had views of Fenway Park from our window! And seeing former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis leave the hotel as we left the next morning might’ve shaped our opinions of the place too…

After we checked in, we headed next door to Eastern Standard to meet up with one of Adam’s friends from high school. We grabbed some drinks, and then I headed out soon after to meet up with Katie and Ali, two of my favorite people ever, at Sweet Cheeks.


We started out with some biscuits, which were probably the best things ever. When it was time to order, I went with the “Fat Cheeks Tray” and chose pork belly, pork ribs and pulled pork, with sides of mac n cheese and potato salad. I wish this photo did it justice:

sweet cheeks bbq boston ma

Adam and his friend arrived just as we got our food. The pork belly they served us was a bit too fatty for Adam and me (which is saying a lot, because we love that cut of meat), but Katie and Ali seemed happy with theirs (which was clearly more meaty). Everything else was amazing – the pork belly was tender and flavorful, as were the ribs, which fell right off the bone. Each of these meats were complemented by the barbecue sauces offered. The mac n cheese was very good, but the potato salad was our favorite. With some drinks on the side, it was a great way to start our night.


We went back to our hotel, put on our Sox shirts and then walked over to Fenway Park.

This game was unreal.

Our seats were so, so good…

loge box 121 fenway

David Ortiz came in to pinch hit in a game where he otherwise wasn’t playing…

loge box 121 fenway david ortiz

And then the Red Sox came back in the bottom of the 8th inning to tie the game 3-3. At the bottom of the 9th, two of our guys were walked, and then we scored with a slide at home to win the game 4-3.

Adam was born in Boston and as a child he spent his weekends there with his grandma, and since he hadn’t been to Boston in years and is a die-hard Red Sox fan, last night was pretty significant for him.

yawkee way

It was a great night to be at Fenway, and even better to be there with someone so special.

Adam wrapped up the night with another childhood friend for drinks at The Hawthorne, and I went to bed early so I could meet up Ali and Charlotte (another one of my favorite people) for breakfast.


back bay boston

My morning walk through Back Bay to get to the diner was totally worth waking up early for.

I’ve always loved Boston and I’m so happy we got a chance to go up there while we were back on the east coast. It was especially great spending time with three of my best friends, as well as seeing such a great game at Fenway surrounded by other Red Sox fans.

Now for wedding #2…


*Shipping Up to Boston is a reference to this song, in case you didn’t recognize it from “The Departed” or have just generally missed out on it.

6 thoughts on “Shipping Up to Boston – Sweet Cheeks, Hotel Commonwealth, and a Trip to Fenway

    1. I know, it’s been really hard because there’s so many people I want to see and such limited time. Hopefully next time we will have some more time up there and then I can see your face!


    1. Thanks! It was so good to see them…last time was in November! Ali actually licked my face. I made her wipe it off after, haha.


  1. I’m a huge fan of HotelTonight! It’s saved my ass so many times, especially in Europe– when I got stuck with no CouchSurfing host and couldn’t book a hostel. But it’s nice to see more people utilising it! They’ve added a ton more cities, so I’ll have to use it if I ever get to Boston. x


    1. I’d never heard of it before but my boyfriend used it when we went to LA for a night and now we love it. It must be expanding because when I was looking for hotels in Boston, I was still in my hometown and it was automatically pulling up hotels from that area. Definitely get to Boston, it’s the best!


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