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Dog Beach – Ocean Beach

We’ve taken Maeby to Fiesta Island a few times, and always loved it. But then she turned into a spoiled dog and never wanted to leave when it was time to go. As a result, I was hesitant to bring her to Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, because I thought the beach area was very close to the parking lot and she’d run away.

I looked a little closer at Google maps and found this wasn’t the case…

dog beach ocean beachAs you can see, the red marker is in the middle of Dog Beach, meaning the whole area to the left and right is open to dogs, up until the break going straight out from the bike path (which is the red line I drew in). Just below the bike path, you’ll see the parking lot, and everything left of that and below the red line is the people-only section of the beach.

Since I learned that, I’ve taken Maeby a few times and it’s now going to be a regular thing. Maeby loves it here, and I’m pretty sure your dog will love Dog Beach too. Don’t believe me? Check out the photos and reviews on Yelp.

On a warm day, it’s busy, and on a hot day, it’s packed (but awesome for the dogs). A lot of people bring their suits and some towels, and some even bring the kids with them, and they make a day out of it. Parking can be a little rough at times, especially on warmer days (and during the summer, when the parking lot is full from beach-goers), but if you’re willing to drive around, you can usually find parking on some side streets.

dog beach

dog beach

And then when you’re done, since your dog will definitely need a good wash, I’d recommend heading on over to Dog Beach Dog Wash. Located just a few blocks away from Dog Beach, at 4933 Voltaire Street, this place is perfect for getting all of the sand off your dog. This self-serve wash provides a bathtub, warm water, shampoo, towels and an apron to keep yourself dry. They also do nail trimming if you need it, and you can purchase toys and treats as well. The wash is cheap (I think $14?), so it’s definitely worth it.

And when you’re done…there are a ton of dog-friendly restaurants in OB to grab a bite to eat or a few drinks, making it a perfect afternoon with your dog.

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