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Upcoming Blood Drives in San Diego

I recently got an email from a colleague about a blood drive happening at a shopping plaza near my work. Attached to it was a press release that said the following:

‘O Negative donors are urgently needed to give blood immediately at San Diego Blood Bank donor centers and bloodmobiles,’ said Jackie Vella, blood bank spokesperson. This shortage is being caused by a patient suffering from severe trauma and low donor turnout over the last few weeks. ‘This is a very risky situation since O negative is the universal donor, the only type safely given to any trauma patient when there is not time to identify their blood type,’ Vella said.

Please donate today to ensure we have enough on our shelves for this patient and others who may suffer trauma as well.

If you’re in the San Diego area, I strongly urge you to find a donor center or mobile location to donate blood. I will definitely be there next week with some of my colleagues and I hope you can find a location at which to donate as well. It’s a quick and easy thing to do and it can help save lives!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Blood Drives in San Diego

  1. if i could take a little soapbox for a minute and remind folks to check off the organ donor box on your ID/license? i used up a lot of donor blood last year, but it was the heart that really got me back on my feet.
    there’s no reason NOT to be (then again i’m not trying to get into it with anyone who has religious objections)… you can’t take it with you!


    1. Good point. My half sister passed away from complications from Lyme Disease while waiting for a lung transplant to come through, so I feel you. I’m (hopefully) getting my California license next week so that little box will be checked when I apply.


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