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This Weekend in Photos: June 27-29

On a note unrelated to my weekend, let me begin this post by saying that Tuesday morning, my friend Brenna asked me about my availability for her coming to visit. We’d been talking about it here and there but I wasn’t expecting it to happen to soon. She found a great price on tickets from Salt Lake City, and she will be coming in September! I can’t wait to have her here, and I keep brainstorming for all the wonderful things we can do while she’s here.

Also on an unrelated note, can you believe tomorrow is July 1? WHAT IS THIS. Time really does fly.


Friday Night

Dinner at Mapo Korean BBQ (review coming next week!) with my coworker, Bre, her boyfriend, and Adam.

mapo korean bbq


In the morning, we headed downtown to check out an apartment for one of my friends from college who is moving here with her fiance in August. It was a really nice 2 bedroom/2 bathroom and only a few blocks from Petco Park. Ninety-nine percent sure they’ll be moving in there.

Since Maeby got her stitches out and we only made it to the dog park once last week, we decided to take her somewhere special. We ventured out to Dog Beach in Ocean Beach but there was a festival and we literally drove around for almost an hour trying to find parking. Eventually, we got so fed up that we ended up grabbing some fish tacos and burritos at Ortiz’s Taco Shop (3704 Voltaire Street, Point Loma) and heading to Fiesta Island. We ate our two fish tacos in the car (top 3 tacos I’ve ever had, and please do yourself a favor and get the California burrito – you’re welcome) and then got out and walked around Fiesta Island.

fiesta island san diego

fiesta island water

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

We walked over to the other side of the island where the water was calmer, and Maeby immediately jumped in and began walking around.fiesta island dog swimming

fiesta island dogs

And then for the first time ever, she began swimming on her own! I had my swimsuit on, so I jumped in with her and we began swimming around. It was really nice, especially on such a hot day.

After Fiesta Island, we cleaned Maeby up at Dunk’n Dogs Self Serve Dog Wash (3056 Clairemont Drive, Clairemont), which is definitely our favorite now, even more than OB Dog Wash. The people there were so hands-on, enthusiastic and friendly, and their dog shampoo smelled amazing. Plus, they kept giving Maeby treats, which I’m sure she loved.

We headed home after that and had a low-key night in, watching movies and taking it easy. As frustrating as the situation in OB was earlier in the day, it ended up being a really great day.


Took Maeby to our favorite place to run in San Diego, Mission Bay Park.

brooks sneakers dog paws

Maeby was still wiped out from our day at Fiesta Island and it was pretty warm out, even in the morning, so at around 4 miles, she got really tired and just wanted to walk. It was a gorgeous morning and not too crowded, which was definitely nice, considering how busy San Diego weekends have been since summer started.

Sunday afternoon, Adam and I headed to my favorite restaurant in San Diego, Wonderland (5083 Santa Monica Ave, Ocean Beach). Yes, we decided to give OB another shot after the cluster we experienced the day before. For the record, I will use any excuse to go to Wonderland because everything there is so damn good. And it’s right across from the OB Pier, and I am not going to complain about ocean views.

wonderland ocean beach salty dog

An amazing burger (the ground short rib burger – DO IT. please.) for me, the woco moco for Adam, a few cocktails, good company and an ocean view – it doesn’t get much better.

It was such a wonderful weekend, with beautiful weather, good people and great times all in America’s finest city.

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