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Three Steps for Starting Your Fitness Journey

anna lavonne richardsonToday, I have a guest post from Anna, who will be sharing three steps for starting your fitness journey! Fitness competitions take a lot of discipline and hard work (and seriously, just look at her rockin’ body), so I definitely think there are a few things to take away from this…

My health and fitness journey truly started in 2012 when I made the decision to compete in a fitness competition. Since August of 2013 I have competed three times, twice placing top 10 in my division. I have taken time to become more than just a fitness competitor, though. I believe health and wellness are so much deeper than strength and physical appearance. I strive to learn the best practices to create a healthy balance through great nutrition, physical exercise, and mental strength. I love being a fit wife and an inspiration to other women. I work hard to grow and develop personally through self teaching, trusting in great mentors, and sharing/teaching through my blog. Confidence, health, and happiness start from the inside out! My goal is to teach everyone how to reach their maximum potential through health and wellness. I want to motivate other women to push past what is considered the “average” and to think beyond genetics.


Let me take you on a journey! There is a moment when you sit down and say, “Okay, really this time I will get it together!”  Whatever that “it” may be, you are committing to get on track or find consistency. Am I right?! For a lot of us it is health and fitness driven. Maybe this week you are going to start on a new diet your friend told you about or maybe this week is the week when you are going to start to incorporate more yoga.

You see, we all have this longing to “get on track.” Not only that, most of us want to get on track and stay on track. I ask you, what makes this time different? Do you have a plan for starting a new journey or are you heading into it blindly and hoping for the best? I want this time to be different for you! Here are three tips I truly believe are for those that want this time to be their time! You might even find a fourth bonus tip tucked in there somewhere!

1. Create a goal and map it out!

Without a plan, it is impossible to stay on target. Impossible is such a bold word, but I am going to stick with it because I truly believe in what I am saying! Write down your goal(s) and work backwards. Set a realistic time line and start by breaking it down piece by piece until you have the smallest, most basic goal to start at. Each day you will increase your efforts and before you know it your goal will be accomplished if you stay committed. You must have a plan!

2. Take day 1 photos!

Yes I said it, take photos! In a two-piece or sports bra and shorts. Some people turn their nose up to me, roll their eyes, or give me a chuckle as if I am crazy when I say this. I promise you if you take day 1 photos you will thank me later. Now, look at those photos and promise yourself you will never be at this point again. Commit to never looking back, except to show yourself or someone else how far you have come. Look at those photos and tell yourself this is the last time you will ever revert back to that person in the photo. Tuck it away and when you reach your first goal, pull out the picture and see how far you have come.

3. Know the beginning always has bumps!

Remember the first time your rode a bike? Possibly the first time you went on a date or went to your first job interview? Were you perfect the very first time? Nope! Stop placing so much pressure on yourself to be perfect right out the gate. My philosophy is to focus first on mastering nutrition. Give it two or three weeks of mastering feeding and fueling your body with quality, healthy food. Then when you are ready, seek to start a workout routine that is best for you. Often I see people become so overwhelmed in the first week that they fall off track by week two or three. In my heart I think that is because they are doing too much in the first couple weeks and becoming distracted. Don’t allow yourself the opportunity to become distracted!

I hope you find these tips helpful for your fitness journey! A map and setting your goals will allow you to refer back to your plan if you fall a little off track. Come back to your goals often. Want a bonus tip? Share your goals with other people; it holds you accountable to them. Honestly, no one likes telling someone they didn’t do the things they said they would do, right? So why not commit to your goals and tell someone else what you are planning to do? Do not give yourself the option to fail this time. You really can do anything you set your mind to!


Thank you Anna, for sharing these awesome tips! You can get more inspiration from Anna (and read the stories of other fit women) on her blog, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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