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This Weekend in Photos: July 11-13 – LA Craft Beer Tours + Dodgers Game

My brother’s birthday was July 6, and his girlfriend’s birthday is this week, so to celebrate both of their birthdays, they decided they wanted to do a Los Angeles brewery tour/beer shuttle and a Dodgers game.

My brother booked the brewery tour through LA Craft Beer Tours, and for 14 of us, it was $60 a person for a 5-hour, 3-stop tour. They offer tours in Los Angeles, as well as down to San Diego, Orange County, or up to the Santa Barbara area, but since everyone (except for us) was LA-based, we took a tour of LA breweries.

Adam and I drove up from San Diego and got to my brother’s place around 11:30, where everyone met up. The shuttle picked us up around noon and after signing some waivers and putting the pizzas we ordered and cooler full of water and beer on the bus, we were off.

los angeles brewery tours la craft beer tours

Our first stop: Angel City Brewery.

We put together some tables, and Pat, our tour guide, brought a box of pizza in with us, since this brewery didn’t offer food but allowed you to bring in your own food. Before the tour started, Pat got us some samples of everything and we began tasting all the different beers.

We took a tour of the brewery, learning all about the process and the different kinds of beers…

angel city brewery 1

And then after, we ended up in the store where we could purchase items and where they continued giving us different samples of the beer brewed on site.

We then walked around the space some more (where we saw people playing games like foosball and cornhole) and got a couple of more flights to sample. The one thing I have to say about Angel City Brewery is that the building in which it is housed is incredible. It’s a 101 year-old building that used to be a warehouse, which shouldn’t come as a surprise based on the architecture.

angel city brewery 3

angel city brewery

Of the three breweries we visited, this one was by far my favorite because of how beautiful the building was.

After some more samples, we got back on the shuttle and Pat told us about our next brewery, Eagle Rock Brewery.

eagle rock brewery

So, I kind of completely forgot to take pictures inside of this place, but here’s what we did. Again, we got flights of all different kinds of beer they brew, and Pat kept grabbing the glasses for us and bringing them over, and also kept returning them for us. He also went out and grabbed some more pizza for us, which definitely helped balance out all the beer we had drank. We didn’t get a tour of this brewery, but from where the tasting room was located, you could see inside to the big metal barrels and see people working in there. While I wasn’t as impressed with this space as I was with the first brewery, I still really enjoyed all the samples we were provided and liked the atmosphere. There was a big group of us and the employees there never once seemed inconvenienced or bothered by it, so that was nice.

In order to keep us on track for the Dodgers game, we jumped back on the bus and Pat brought us to our final location: Golden Road Brewing.

This place was the most popular of all of them, and so it was the busiest, but it also seemed less like a brewery and more like a restaurant…which makes sense, because on the website it says to visit the pub on site.

golden road brewery

We couldn’t bring the pizza with us into this location because this place served food (which all sounded and looked really good), but we didn’t end up ordering anything and instead Pat just got us some pitchers of a variety of beers.

golden road brewery

Around 4:30, we all got back on the bus and Pat dropped us off at a metro stop of our choice so we could head over to Dodger Stadium for the game.

I actually didn’t know this until this weekend, but with your game day ticket, there is a free shuttle from Union Station to the stadium. We ended up taking the metro to Union Station, and then we all got onto the bus which took us to the game. This is definitely a great option if you’re coming from out of town, especially since the stadium isn’t like Fenway Park in Boston or Petco Park in San Diego; the stadium isn’t located within walking distance of anything, and most people drive to and from the game.

From the entrance of the park, you can see a view of downtown Los Angeles…

dodger stadium downtown los angeles view

We walked around the stadium for a bit…

dodger stadium view

And then eventually found our seats…

dodger stadium reserve section 59

Adam and I left the game early so we could get back to San Diego, but were disappointed to learn that the Dodgers beat the Padres.


If you’re ever in the LA area and looking for something unique to do with friends, definitely check out LA Craft Beer Tours. Overall it was such a fun day, spent doing something a little different with some really great people, and I had so much fun that I’m actually considering looking into doing something similar for my birthday down here in San Diego.


6 thoughts on “This Weekend in Photos: July 11-13 – LA Craft Beer Tours + Dodgers Game

  1. So awesome!! I went to Angel City Brewery for the 4th last year and loved it! The art is amazing, and the building is definitely super cool. Plus the beer is delish haha. I haven’t checked out the other ones though- I definitely need to!! So glad you had a great time with your brother 🙂


    1. Yes! Angel City Brewery was so cool! The shuttle is also nice because the guy running it really went out of his way to make sure we were all having a good time and he ordered everything for us…we literally just went to the brewery and sat down and beer was thrown in front of us haha. Definitely check out the other two breweries, and maybe try out the OC or SD tours too (they leave from LA).


    1. It was seriously so much fun! And the guy went out of his way to make sure we were having fun and getting the most for our money. He drove us around and when we sat down at a table, he ordered flights for us and brought everything over/cleared our tables. He’d also go out to the bus to grab us pizza if we wanted it. Definitely worth the money, and such a fun experience! I’m sure there’s something like that around Boston?


    1. Hi Gabriel, glad you found me too! I’m sure there is a brewery tour near where you’re from! If not, you’ll just have to come out to LA and try this one out. Such a fun time. I’ll definitely check out your blogs as well!


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