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This Weekend in Photos: July 25-27


I took Friday off just to have a long weekend and let me tell you, that extra day made all the difference.

san diego gaslamp palm trees

I spent the morning running and baking cookies, and then Adam and I headed down to Gaslamp to drop his friend off at Comic Con, people watch, and explore the free things happening in the area.

comic con display in san diego

We loved wandering around the area and seeing people in costumes, and the displays that many of the businesses had around the area were impressive! Everyone got into the Comic-Con spirit, and it was a lot of fun.

olivettis san diego

As we decided to head home and began walking up 3rd Avenue, I stopped and saw samples of ghost chili sea salt and was immediately intrigued. I took a sample and nearly died, and the woman inside the shop came out to talk to me after laughing at me and the face I made.

We found ourselves outside of Olivetti’s Fine Oils and Vinegars, and as we went inside and began walking around the small shop and sampling the vinegars and oils, we were happy we landed upon this gem in Gaslamp. Olivetti’s (330 3rd Avenue, San Diego) is still fairly new, but they’re doing something right. We ended up leaving with a bottle of apricot white balsamic vinegar and another bottle of black truffle olive oil.

If you end up in Gaslamp or near the Convention Center and consider yourself a foodie or love cooking, I definitely recommend you stop in this place. It’s owned by a friendly couple who are still trying to build a business, and I was happy to support them and will definitely be returning in the future.

After we left Gaslamp, we headed to Point Loma to take Adam’s friend to one of our favorite places out here: Slater’s 50/50, but only after stopping in at Stone Brewery while we waited for our table to be ready. We didn’t get to spend much time at Stone (our table was ready sooner than we thought!) but we will definitely be returning soon. Slater’s, as usual, did not disappoint, and their new sriracha thai wings were delicious, as were our usual go-to’s, the deep fried macaroni and cheese balls and the 50/50 burger.


north county san diego beach 3

north county san diego beach sand cloud

north county san diego beach

It was absolutely gorgeous out, so I knew immediately I would be going up to my favorite beach in North County. I brought my Sand Cloud with me, and relaxed in the warm sun with the waves crashing nearby.

Later, we headed back downtown to grab dinner with some friends at Mariscos El Pulpo (415 Market Street, San Diego). We picked this place out based on the Yelp reviews alone.

mariscos de pulpo san diego

I really wish this picture was better. We got several tacos among our group (the shrimp on the left and shrimporizo [shrimp and chorizo] on the right), and everyone loved it. Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve picked this place if we had just walked by it, but I should’ve known better. It’s a small, hole-in-the-wall kind of place, and those usually end up being the best. All the food was authentic, flavorful Mexican, and the drinks were delicious as well. We will definitely be returning.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at Tipsy Crow, but I dipped out a little early because I wanted to drive for Lyft in the morning.


Spent a couple hours ‘Lyfting’ in the morning, then headed to a barbecue for our friend’s birthday at Mission Bay Park.

mission bay park

Good food, good company and beautiful weather.

On our way home, we stopped at a local produce stand and then got caught in a short downpour. The perfect way to wrap up this weekend in San Diego…and we definitely needed the rain.

rain in san diego

This weekend was full of all things San Diego – local events, great restaurants and businesses, beautiful weather and beaches, and good times with friends. I am loving this city more and more every single day.


There’s still time to enter the Sand Cloud giveaway! Get up to four entries and enter by Monday for your chance to win.

Tell me about your weekend! Did you do anything fun?

2 thoughts on “This Weekend in Photos: July 25-27

  1. You have to keep my informed about your truffle oil use… I got a bottle each of white and black truffle oils for my birthday and haven’t figured out how to apply them yet.
    I am SO. JEALOUS. of those beach pics… we’ve had real poopy weather for a few weekends in a row. All I want to ever do is lay out, smell the ocean, and yell at seagulls but it’s been too cloudy!
    Those fish plates are so cute. If I had been with you one of them might have walked out in my purse with me.
    As for your question: Friday I made beer wings ( soak stabbed [jab them with a knife so the beer gets under the skin] chicken wings overnight in enough beer to cover, like 1/4 cup hot sauce, and throw a lime in there if you have one, grill, then toss with beer, hot sauce, and butter cooked together in a 2:1:1 ratio, whisking constantly, until slightly thickened), I went out to this shi-shi tapas place for an engagement celebration on Saturday night, and had plans to go out on Sunday with a couple we met because he also is a transplant recipient but they cancelled so J and I stayed home and played Mario Kart instead.


    1. Yeah, we aren’t quite sure how to use the oil yet either…it was just so damn good we had to buy it. I’m thinking tossed into pasta, or drizzled on top of a pizza. We’ll figure it out, I’m sure…keep me updated if you figure it out too!

      And yes, the beach here is beautiful, and the one I went to is a few minutes further away (but still like 15 mins away) and totally worth it. Everyone always talks about certain beaches being some of the best in the country, but this one is definitely the prettiest, and not nearly as crowded. Come visit! And steal fish plates!

      Those wings sound UNREAL. I’m going to try and make them at some point. I think you’d love Slater’s 50/50…so much bacon and burger deliciousness. Also Mario Kart sounds like the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening.


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