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This Weekend in Photos: August 22-24 – Vegas!

What a weekend. I’ll keep it short, with a lot of photos…but basically we left for Vegas on Friday morning, drove all afternoon and met up with a group of 10 other people for a weekend away. We all stayed at the Wynn / Encore, which was definitely a pretty big step up from Excalibur, the only other hotel I’ve stayed at in Vegas. We’ve already talked about meeting up again in November for one of our friend’s birthdays, and mine as well, so that should tell you how awesome this weekend was.


Aside from the traffic, the drive out was beautiful…

drive out to vegas

And we stumbled upon this sign, which actually seems like a pretty cool place to pull off next time (the history of which also made me think of Oregon Trail)…

zzyzx road

We arrived at our hotel and got up to our room…

wynn casino interior wynn hotel room

It’s definitely the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. And the view wasn’t so bad either…

view from wynn room

We met up with our friends at the pool, before we all headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner and a night out.

fri night outfit

(This whole outfit was under $40! #wynning [do you see what I did there?])

I didn’t get a picture of where we went for dinner but just so you know, we went to La Cave in Encore. To say it was delicious would be an understatement; it was undoubtedly some of the best food I’ve ever had. Six of us split a bunch of different plates, but the stand-outs were the beef carpaccio, the beef filet crostini, the sea scallops, and the sirloin. 10/10, would recommend and if we are back at the Wynn in November, I would love to go again.

We got cabs to Paris

paris hotel

paris hotel1

 And bottle service at Chateau

chateau bar

chateau bar drinks

Where we had views of the Bellagio (and its fountains)…

view from chateau

And honestly? I was a little overwhelmed by the cost of doing bottle service but at the end of the night, I have to say it was completely worth it. We had so. much. fun. Our group was full of such fun people and we were all dancing and hanging out and it was the best.

A few of us headed back to the hotel around 3 and once Adam and I got back to our room, we immediately fell asleep.


To put in perspective the kind of night we had before: Adam slept until 1:30 pm. I was up by 10, and spent the whole morning laying in bed watching Catfish on MTV. Once Adam got up, we headed down to gamble for a bit…

roulette at encore

Adam walked away from roulette $325 richer, and me $60 richer. I’d say it was a win. Then we met up with everyone else at the pool, many of whom were struggling just as much as Adam.

view from encore pool

Didn’t take any shots of the pool, as I thought that would be creepy, but here’s one view from the pool we hung out at at Encore. They have several pools, and we spent several hours relaxing poolside. We eventually all went back to our rooms to shower and get ready for dinner.

bartolotta at the wynn

Again, didn’t want to be that person, so here’s a quick shot from when we were all done eating. We ended up eating dinner at Bartolotta. This place was good, but in contrast to the night before, I didn’t really feel it was worth the cost of the food. The night before we got way more food, that I enjoyed a lot more. If you’re into seafood (and willing to pay a pretty penny), this place is probably right up your alley. But for me, as much as I liked the food, again, I didn’t think it was worth the price. I’d go again, but wouldn’t want to pay the prices.

After dinner all 12 of us squeezed into an Escalade (not sure how this happened, but it did) and we got a ride to the Stratosphere to view Vegas from the observation deck, and so some people could go on the rides up there. Since we had more the 10 people, we were able to get a group rate for $10 per person, as opposed to the regular $20 admission.

view from stratosphere

The views of Vegas from up there were absolutely stunning. It was really quite beautiful.

Most people stayed up there, got some drinks and went on some of the rides, but a few of us headed back down to the casino. I figured I had made $60 so I might as well keep going with only that amount. If I lost it, I’d break even, but it was worth a shot.

I somehow won another $40 at the roulette table, and decided it was time to stop since I had gotten to my goal of $100.

100 chip at the stratosphere

We got back to our hotel around 2, and set our alarms for 8 so we could get up and drive back to San Diego.


No pictures from the drive, since I drove the whole way, but leaving early was totally worth it. By 3:00, we had picked up Maeby from Camp Run-A-Mutt (aka the best dog daycare in San Diego), bought all our produce for the week, gotten Chipotle, and unpacked.

I’d say the weekend was a success.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Did you do anything fun this weekend? What’s your favorite casino game? And why do people play Craps (your money goes so fast and it seems like your odds are pretty awful)?

4 thoughts on “This Weekend in Photos: August 22-24 – Vegas!

  1. i’ve only been to las vegas for new years that one time, and i have to admit you had a much classier time than i did! i’m notoriously unlucky at “games of chance” so i didn’t gamble at all…although i did give one of the guys in our group $5 to play some card game i didn’t know the rules of. he was on a streak until he played my money, go figure!


    1. Maybe too classy, haha, but Vegas on NYE must’ve been amazing! Though, we did do some dancing on table tops at Chateau (all the girls in our group…even though some of the guys tried getting up there and they kept kicking them off haha), so maybe we weren’t all that classy after all. The same thing happened to us! One of the girls put $20 on #22 during roulette for a guy she works with (he gave her the $20 too!). Number 22 didn’t hit that round, but then it hit the next round, after she’d already lost his $20! Roulette has 35:1 payout if you get a specific number so if they had hit it would’ve been insane.


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