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This Weekend in Photos: September 5-7

Brenna came to visit this weekend, so I took Friday off…so I had another long weekend, which I can’t complain about (though it will be the last one for awhile!).

We spent our weekend hiking Iron Mountain, paddle boarding in Mission Bay, eating lunch at my favorite park, watching dogs surf and eating delicious food.


In the morning, we drove out to Poway to hike Iron Mountain. Reviews on Yelp said this place gets busy on the weekends, so we decided to do it on Friday, while most people at work. Yelp also warned that this hike is intermediate, and lacks any real covering/shade, so it can get really hot.

I was excited to do this hike because it’s pretty long, has over 1,200 feet elevation gain, and is dog-friendly! Anything that tires Maeby out makes me happy, and she was excited to explore a new area.

iron mountain san diego

dog hiking iron mountain san diego

top of iron mountain 2

It definitely got very hot out (and Maeby wholeheartedly agreed), so I’d recommend if you’re planning on going out there to go out on a cooler day, or go earlier in the day.

I’d also recommend that even if it is hot, you do this hike, because the views up top were completely worth the ~6 mile roundtrip trek.

top of iron mountain 1

top of iron mountain san diego 1

top of iron mountain 3

top of iron mountain san diego

top of iron mountain san diego photo

(photo courtesy of Brenna)

After our hike, we headed to Clairemont Coffee, where Brenna purchased her first Acai Bowl. No pictures of this, as we got them to go, so they weren’t super photogenic. But, 10/10, would (and will) eat again.

In the evening, we drove out to Pacific Beach to enjoy tacos at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood, and catch the sunset.

oscars mexican seafood tacos san diego

san diego sunset pacific beach

We wrapped up our day with a low-key night in, made possible by Yogurtland.


No pictures of paddle boarding, or of lunch. But here’s a picture of Mission Bay Park.

mission bay park

We headed to Mission Bay Sportcenter to rent out paddle boards for an hour. Since we knew it would be busy on a Saturday, we made reservations in advance for noon (to ensure we’d have paddle boards available to us), but we didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to find parking. After driving around for 25 minutes, we finally managed to grab a spot.

Paddle boarding was definitely something I’d do again. We enjoyed it, but the problem we had was the amount of wind we experienced. We ended up getting carried out pretty far into Mission Bay, and though I was able to paddle back to shore where we picked up our boards (after 25 minutes of effort and struggle), Brenna and my other friend had a hard time getting back and had to stop off at a shore that was on the other side of where people would pick up the jet skis or boat rentals. Staff at MBSC weren’t happy about that…but we weren’t the only ones that had this issue. As we waited in line to get out paddles, we heard one woman telling the front desk that her friend had gotten taken out really far into the bay and after trying for a half hour, she had made no progress and was unable to get back to shore. I’d return to MBSC, but would hope that they would be aware of wind conditions and help people out a little more, or at least give some kind of warning and encourage people to be aware of where they were paddling to.

Saturday night, Adam, Brenna and I grabbed dinner at Hinotez, more froyo (why not?), and watched Naked and Afraid. I’d say it was a quality evening.


Brenna and I woke up early and drove up to Del Mar Dog Beach for the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon (which I highlighted on Friday).

surf dog surfathon hwac

That’s Brenna’s picture again. It was hard to get photos but we loved watching the dogs surfing, and also enjoyed checking out the vendors. One vendor I was especially impressed with was Dogly, an new app where you take and upload pictures of your dog (and add fun stickers or text), and shelters/rescues of your choice have a chance of receiving donations based on the number of “likes” your photo gets. It’s still a little glitchy (I think the woman said they will be finalizing the app in the coming days), but I definitely plan on downloading it.

After the Surf-A-Thon, we headed back down to my house, where we picked up Adam and drove down to OB to get brunch at Wonderland. Any excuse to eat there is always welcome.

wonderland ob brunch

We made a reservation beforehand, which helped a lot because it was packed since it’s officially football season. I strayed from my usual order of pancakes and went with the eggs and enchiladas, and I have zero regrets. Good food, sangria, and an ocean view? Can’t be beat.

The rest of Sunday was spent taking it easy (it was really, really hot out), a trip up to the beach in North County (once it cooled down)…

san diego beach pacific ocean

san diego beach

…baking some blueberry nut bread for work tomorrow, and a quiet night in.

Brenna left this morning but it was so, so good having her visit.

Now it’s back to reality and a pretty crazy work week…


How was your weekend?

Did you see dogs surfing? Or sweat excessively due to the summer heat? Spare no details.


8 thoughts on “This Weekend in Photos: September 5-7

  1. The dog surfing event sounds like a hoot!
    It was stupid hot out here this weekend.. I sweat my nuts off during the HeartWalk and ended up cancelling my plans for the rest of the day in order to take a major faceplant nap in my a/c followed by an extended cool bath. Summer definitely went out with a bang!


    1. The surfing event was so cute! And it was realllllllly hot here too. And humid, which is rare for SoCal. Glad the heat didn’t ruin your plans to do the HeartWalk, and I’m sure the faceplant nap (with a/c, which I’m jealous of because we don’t have it) and cool bath helped a lot. Did you meet your fundraising goal?


      1. Dude, I made 4 times my original fundraising goal! I was blown away by how many people donated… Most people gave $20-25 and said “I wish I could give more” but it really adds up 🙂
        TBH I got a little frustrated at one particular individual who “liked” each of my fundraising posts on facebook but actually gave nothing. Like, seriously?? I’m not about to name names but it was a little ridiculous, especially since I know that individual can definitely spare a few bucks for a good cause. Oh, well.


      2. Wow! That’s really, really awesome! I definitely wished I could’ve given more but I agree, it all adds up and I know that every little bit counts. I’m curious who this individual is…I’d be super annoyed too. BUT, either way, so great you reached (and exceeded…by a lot!) your original goal!


  2. You guys were brave to go in the water this past weekend! I heard some pretty scary stories at work today about people getting stuck in the rip currents that were caused by the storm. Tough chicks!


  3. Hey, did you know that one of your photos is like… REALLY blurry? Awk… (But really: thank you for putting up with me all weekend! You [and San Diego] were a much needed breath of fresh air.)


    1. Oh geez, I had no idea it was so blurry. UGH

      “Thank you for allowing me to grace you with my presence” – Brenna FTFY

      And yes, a much-needed breath of (salty) fresh air. COME BACK SOON!


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