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WoodDot Designs Whiskey Sampler Review

I recently entered to win a giveaway on 20 Something Bloggers. What was the giveaway for, you ask? A Whiskey Sampler Flight Tray from WoodDot Designs.

For anyone who knows Adam, this won’t come as a surprise, but the man loves his whiskey. So when I saw this giveaway, I was all over it, because I like to surprise him with things and I knew he’d love it.

I’d like to point out that I’m sharing this product with everyone because I want to and I know that someone spent a lot of time making this and it shows.

Here’s what it looks like:

wooddot designs whiskey flight


wooddot designs

And here’s how Maeby felt about it:

wood dot designs whiskey flight

She was intrigued.

While I don’t have any pictures of it in action, I can tell you that we are loving the flight tray so far! Adam has used it to sample various whiskeys, and since I’m more of a beer gal myself, I’ve used it for some beer flights.

Some of the things we love about it:

  • It’s well-made. This product is obviously hand-made, and the man who makes them, Bob, clearly takes his time with each individual one.
  • The holders for each mini glass are the perfect size and depth. By this, I mean that each glass fits in perfectly, and won’t spill. Seriously. Adam even held the tray with empty glasses over the couch, and begin tilting it. It wasn’t until it got to about 90 degrees that the glasses fell out onto the cushions. Again, Bob clearly took his time carving this and putting it together to make sure every glass fit perfectly.
  • I got a note from Bob himself! Bob wrote a nice little note at the bottom, and asked for feedback about the tray. He wants to improve his designs and products and takes customer feedback into account.

If you haven’t had a chance, please go check out WoodDot Designs on Etsy. I’m loving these coasters and this tea light holder, and I think they would make great gifts!


I’ll be back on Thursday with some info about and photos from the San Diego Zoo. In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy our new flight tray.

Are you or your significant other a whiskey/scotch drinker? Or are you more of a beer lover? Share your favorites below!

My all-time favorite beer? Magic Hat #9.

4 thoughts on “WoodDot Designs Whiskey Sampler Review

  1. Hhahahaha I love Maeby’s face! I think it’s safe to say that Myles and I are both way more into beer. But I know he likes to share a bottle of whiskey with Adam from time to time.


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