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Maeby’s First PetBox: Review + Discount Code

I didn’t formally announce it, but I did tweet about it, so in case you missed it…

Maeby is officially a spokesdog for PetBox!

petbox spokesdog

What is PetBox?

PetBox is a monthly subscription service for toys and treats for dogs and cats. With every PetBox purchased, PetBox helps to feed a pet in need.

Obviously Maeby is all about toys and treats, but what really got me was the philanthropic angle of things, especially since Maeby was brought in as a stray and eventually saved from a high-kill shelter. At one point, she was a pet in need.


Just a few days after our first PetBox shipped, it arrived in the mail. I got home from work, and saw this lovely blue box sitting on our stoop.

Maeby and I immediately headed to our backyard, where I began opening the box.

petbox 1

I loved the attention to detail. Everything was wrapped in black tissue paper, with a round PetBox seal of approval.

petbox promo code

Something smelled good, because Maeby was all over the box right away.

petbox dog

And once I opened up one package of treats, she didn’t hesitate to help herself.

petbox treats

Here’s what was in the box:

inside of petbox

Clockwise from top:

– Petz info QR ID tag (in case your dog/cat gets lost)

– Evanger’s canned all-natural chicken dog and cat food

– Wellspring Pets Bionic Bones water nutrient (contains glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which help keep your dog’s joints healthy)

– PetSafe Lawn Protector to filter your pet’s drinking water

– Bark+ waste pick-up bags (which is necessary because Maeby “produces waste” 3-4 times a day)

– Loving Pets natural chicken jerky

Clearly there was a nice variety of items, all of which we will be using

I want to point out that just because Maeby’s a dog, it doesn’t mean that she deserves to eat food that has fillers or other processed materials. I like to feed her the same kind of food I would want to eat, and even though I’m sure she’d prefer bacon all day everyday (and really, who can blame her), I give her the next best thing: Canidae, which is an all-natural, grain-free food made with real meat. In keeping with these beliefs, I’m really quite impressed with PetBox and love that all of the treats are natural and made in the U.S. And, as I mentioned above, Maeby is already enjoying some of her newest treats and had no trouble helping herself.

I think it’s safe to say our first month of PetBox was a success.


Are you interested in PetBox for your dog or cat? Get 10% off your first box with code MAEBY.

Do you have any pets? I kind of love all animals everywhere and would love to hear about them.

8 thoughts on “Maeby’s First PetBox: Review + Discount Code

  1. Is it wrong that I’m a little jealous of her in the picture where she’s face-first chowing down in the bag of jerky? I’ve been weirdly craving jerky lately but can’t bring myself to buy any because it’s so damn salty (and trust me, I’ve been looking for a low-Na pack)
    I’m a little confused what the Lawn Protector does, can you further explain?


    1. Nope, definitely not wrong. Adam and I picked up some jerky on our way to Vegas a few weeks back. Zero regrets. Good luck finding a low-sodium one…maybe there’s a way to make your own?

      The lawn protector is a little pouch that filters your dog’s drinking water so that when they go outside it doesn’t ruin your lawn (and damage the grass). Our backyard is actually completely dead due to the California drought, poor irrigation, and extremely high cost of water, so it’s not really an issue for us. I’d be interested in trying it in the future…like if we can convince our landlord to dig up our lawn for us and re-plant grass, and fix the broken sprinkler system.

      The cool thing about PetBox is that they do have boxes for cats as well, and like I said, all the products are natural, which I really really like. Maeby reallllllly loves that jerky. I’ve had to keep it away from her!


  2. This looks great!! I’m definitely going to look into getting one for my cat and I think it might be nice to get for my sister, whose obsessed with her dog just like you 😉


    1. Glad you’re excited about it! Definitely take a look at the different offerings – I’m sure there’s one that’s just right for you and your cat.


  3. Aww! Maeby looks so happy with her new subscription! Looks like PetBox has an impressive array of products. I know that Maeby is a spokesdog, but how much does it normally cost per month?


    1. She was very, very happy with it! PetBoxes cost anywhere from $9.95 to $59.95 per month, depending on how much you get. I think ours was the Premium, which is $39.95 per month, and honestly, with all the money we spend on toys and treats, it’s definitely worth it. If you end up getting it, don’t forget to use MAEBY for 10% off you purchase and definitely let us know what you think!


      1. The price is based on the package of your choosing. I think the $9.95 one is a pretty good deal, because you’re getting an item of your choice, which would likely be similar to whatever you’d pay in the store. But the next size up, with 2-3 items is $19.95.


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