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This Weekend in Photos: October 24-26 – LW’s BBQ, Halloween, and Dan Diegos


After another crazy work week, Adam and I had dinner planned before the day was even over. Since we recently got coupons for a few different places, and we explored barbecue in Nashville and in Texas, we knew we wanted to try a newer barbecue place: LW’s BBQ  (Yelp) in Clairemont.

The pictures don’t really do the meal justice, but I’ll share them anyway. It was amazing, just like the authentic barbecue we experienced almost a year ago in places that are known for it. We will be back for sure.

lw bbq san diego

lws barbecue san diego

We forced ourselves to stop about halfway through since we had a Halloween party later on. No pictures from that one…

Okay, so I took one picture the whole night. Our friend was dressed as Jason from the Friday the 13th movies (but everyone kept calling him Michael Myers from the Halloween movies and he kept getting mad about it). We told him he had to wear his mask the whole night and he probably shouldn’t talk much, just so he would be as creepy as possible. We spent the evening hanging out with our friends and meeting new people, and at one point, we were standing outside where everyone else was, and I looked in and saw “Jason” standing in the kitchen, with his mask on, just looking around. The lighting was weird and he looked like a total creep, and then when a girl went up to talk to him, it looked like a scene straight out of a movie. So yeah. I took only one picture the whole night:

creepy jason costume

Happy early Halloween 🙂

After the party–which was located in Crown Point, just two blocks from Mission Bay–Adam and I walked along a path by the bay. It was quiet and serene, and at that hour of the night, it was just us. It was a great way to wrap up the week.


We caught up with “Jason” later in the day, and then around 5, we headed to Howl at Helm’s, an event sponsored by PetBox and benefiting Second Chance Dog Rescue.

It should be no surprise that the event was full of cute dogs in their costumes, but my favorite two dogs were (unsurprisingly), Maeby and her best friend Lilo.

dog in pirate costume

dog in bee costume

smiling dog in bee costume

And even though this pic is super blurry, I love it so much. Kind of shows just what a maniac my dog is.

smiling dog in pirate costume

The guys got hotdogs from the food truck, we all enjoyed a couple of beers (I personally LOVED the Beeruccino), and Kayla and I entered the raffle. We didn’t win anything, but still had a great time!

After the event, we all went back to our house, where the dogs continued to party, and we ate pizza and talked about Christmas (since we’ll all be in San Diego), work, and what else we’ve all been up to.


Maeby and I started our day with a 5-mile run around our neighborhood. When I got back, Adam and I headed to one of our favorite spots, Dan Diegos, for brunch.

dan diegos brunch

As per usual, it did not disappoint. I got scrambled eggs with peppers and onions over shredded potatoes, and Adam got the corned beef hash. I also enjoyed their red cider (half sangria, half cider) and Adam got one of the many beers on tap.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and taking it easy.

It was my last weekend in San Diego since I leave for the UK on Saturday! Can’t wait to share my week from our UK office and my days in London.

How was your weekend?

7 thoughts on “This Weekend in Photos: October 24-26 – LW’s BBQ, Halloween, and Dan Diegos

    1. Yes! We love the Convoy area in Kearny Mesa especially – that’s where you’ll find the best Asian food in San Diego. Let me know if you’re looking for anything specific and I can find some good spots for you, especially since a lot of people I work with are local!


  1. Maeby looks so cute in her Halloween costume!! I’m so bummed I missed that event 😦

    I’m so hesitant to try BBQ in California because my boyfriend is from Texas and every time we visit his family there we get the “true” Southern BBQ. I’ll have to try LW’s tho!


    1. Thanks! She had so much fun.

      Since you and your boyfriend are spoiled by authentic Texas BBQ, you might find it a little different (I read the owners are from North Carolina). I still think you’ll enjoy it though – it’s really, really good!


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