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October PetBox: Review + Promo Code

dog likes petbox

I might be in England but Maeby got her PetBox Saturday morning, before I left. It’s our second month of receiving PetBox and this month’s box did not disappoint!

What is PetBox?

PetBox is a monthly subscription service for toys and treats for dogs and cats. With every PetBox purchased, PetBox helps to feed a pet in need.


PetBox was great at keeping in touch with us, letting us know when the box was shipped, and communicating with us throughout the shipping process.

cat petbox

petbox coupon code

Here’s what was in our box this month (clockwise from left):

petbox toys

Once I opened the box, Maeby actually ran up to the opened box, pulled the toy pictured above out and ran off with it, but I made her wait so we could take pictures.

As usual, all of the treats are all natural and made with real ingredients. The Old Mother Hubbard dog treats, for example, have whole wheat flour, honey, canola oil, apple puree, and oatmeal, and the Emerald Pet treats are grain-free. And Maeby has sampled all of the treats in this month’s PetBox and she gave a strong nod of approval.

The verdict? This box was a win.


Are you interested in PetBox for your dog or cat? Get 10% off your first box with code MAEBY.

6 thoughts on “October PetBox: Review + Promo Code

    1. The first one that she grabbed right away…it was destroyed almost immediately. The other one I’m making Adam wait to give her until I get back…because I assume it will be destroyed right away haha. And yes – Maeby is loving the treats so far!


    1. You should get one so you can buy them subscription boxes AND because they make life so much brighter! If I get home from work and I’m in a bad mood, seeing Maeby makes everything 1000x better!


    1. I seriously love having the package come each month – it’s totally worth it for all the stuff you get, especially with treats and toys (which can get really expensive, especially with a bigger dog). Maeby is just like Archie and pulls everything out and everything apart, haha. It’s sweet how excited they get about their toys though!


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