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Yesterday’s Lunch Break

brighton uk pier

Just dropping in to share a photo from yesterday’s lunch break here in Brighton, UK.

I’ve been here since Sunday for work and meetings, meetings, time at the pub and more meetings. It’s been a little gray, a little rainy, and definitely colder than SoCal, but the sun was out yesterday despite some clouds, and I’m loving the chillier weather (this is what it should be like this time of year!).

Today’s another day full of meetings, but it’s going to be a great and productive day.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Lunch Break

  1. It looks so beautiful despite the gloomy weather! The weather is hot again here in San Diego 😦 I was enjoying that cool breeze we had last week. I’m ready for boot and weather weather!!!


    1. Yes, it’s so beautiful here! It was again this morning but luckily the rain stayed away for a few days. Love the cooler weather we had before I left San Diego, but I heard it’s getting warm again. Could be worse though!


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