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Reebok’s Spartan Race Giveaway + Promo Code

Hey everyone, I’ve got a fun giveaway coming your way today!

I was recently contacted by Dan from Spartan Races about giving away a free entry to any Spartan Race! To say that I was excited for everyone would be an understatement; I have a lot of friends who have done these races and they’ve loved them, and it’s definitely something I think a lot of you (especially my fellow SweatPink Ambassadors) would enjoy!

What is the Reebok Spartan Race?

With course lengths of 3+ miles (Sprint), 8+ miles (Super), and 12+ miles (Beast) each course is filled with mud, water, and various obstacles. These events are designed for athletes of all fitness levels, including kids, who have their own race called the Spartan Kids race.

For those of you looking to participate right away, there is a sprint at Fenway Park this weekend (UMM, Boston friends – I think you need to do this), or for my SoCal friends, there are a bunch of awesome races coming up:

For those of you elsewhere in the US? I can assure you that there are races all over the country year-round. And lucky you, even if you don’t enter the giveaway below, you can still save 10% on your entry fee with the Spartan Race promo code: SPARTANBLOGGER

And now for the fun part!

Enter the giveaway below for entry to any open heat in any Spartan Race in the US. The giveaway ends on Monday, December 1. I will announce and contact the winner on Tuesday, December 2. Good luck!

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53 thoughts on “Reebok’s Spartan Race Giveaway + Promo Code

  1. My cousin actually works to build the Spartan race courses on the East coast. I would love to have the chance to join him for the race in Tampa.


  2. Ran my first Spartan Race this past summer, what a great experience. Hoping to conquer the Trifecta this year. Races are getting to be expensive so a free entry would help accomplish this goal. Thanks for the opportunity.


  3. YAY! This would be the best early xmas present so I can complete the trifecta again this year. I am officially obsessed. Thanks so much for the chance ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Did my first Spartan Sprint in PA 2014. I trained for months for this race. IT WAS the HARDEST thing I have ever done ( and I gave birth to twins…..naturally! ;). ) I am going to do the trifecta in 2015! :0


      1. Harder than giving birth to twins? That sounds pretty intense! Well I hope I’m able to help you win an entry so you can complete the Trifecta! Good luck Marlene!


  4. I would love to win this giveaway on behalf of my boyfriend!!! He is thinking about doing a half marathon in March, and a Spartan Race before hand would be so perfect to motivate him and get him in full-on training mode! **fingers crossed**


  5. I would probably have to sell a kidney to pay for all of the races I want to do so winning one would help me not have to sell a kidney.


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