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This Weekend in Photos: November 14-16 – Cowles Mountain, Celebration Run San Diego + more

As I mentioned on Friday, Caitlin was here this weekend!


After working a half day and picking up Caitlin from the airport, we decided to go for a short run to keep our legs loose for the Celebration Run on Sunday. We went to Mission Bay Park for a slow and easy four mile run (plus a little walking), and then decided it was necessary to bring Caitlin to the beach, and since we already had Maeby with us, we headed to Dog Beach.

dog running on beach san diego

After letting the maniac run around and swim for an hour (keep in mind, we had already run four miles with her), we headed to Sunset Cliffs just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.

sunset cliffs san diego sunset

This city never ceases to amaze me…

We headed home, took a quick shower, and then Caitlin, Adam and I met up at La Jolla Brewing Company with some of our friends. A few appetizers, beers, and entrees later, and it was time to call it a night. Caitlin and I were both exhausted; she was on east coast time and I have no excuse (I’m just old).


We spent our morning in my backyard, sipping iced coffee while Maeby played, I did a little work, and Caitlin read. Around 9:30, we made our way to Cowles Mountain – the first time I’d been there. We wanted an easy hike that wouldn’t tire us out too much for our half marathon on Sunday, and opted to take the route that goes from Barker Road (not the service road, but a trail that was less busy, especially on a Saturday morning).

It was a perfect day for a shorter hike! It started to warm up pretty early on into our hike but Maeby had a good time and the views at the top were really beautiful.

cowles mountain san diego dogs

We especially liked that there were a couple of maps at the top facing either direction which told you what you were looking at off in the distance. It was a pretty clear day and we could easily see downtown San Diego.

After our descent, I decided acai bowls were necessary (they’re definitely the perfect post-hike treat). We grabbed two small bowls from Clairemont Coffee before heading back to my house, where we showered and got ready to go out to Coronado.

coronado hotel

coronado beach

We ate clam chowder (delicious) at Babcock and Story Bar at the Hotel del Coronado before walking down to the beach and reading for an hour or so.

Our evening was spent carb-loading with a really wonderful pasta dish that Adam made for us, as well as some cheesy garlic bread (because obviously), in addition to watching Property Brothers. We definitely wanted to take it easy for the race on Sunday!


Caitlin and I woke up, enjoyed peanut butter toast and drove to Mission Beach for the Celebration Run San Diego. A recap of that race is definitely to come but I’ll just say the course was beautiful and the miles just flew by.

celebration run san diego finish

dog wearing race medal

After showering (and letting Maeby wear my medal), Caitlin, Adam and I made our way to the Karl Strauss Brewery in Sorrento Mesa for the Sunday brunch. $25, all-you-can-eat, and bottomless mimosas. It wasn’t even a question.

Didn’t take pictures but I’ll say totally worth the $25. We ate omelets, bacon, salad, buffalo chicken, and bagels…in addition to our mimosas.

karl strauss koi pond

The koi pond was also really beautiful and next time I think we’ll ask for a seat next to the water. It got pretty busy (and there were a lot of people waiting for tables) so I recommend if you’re going to make a reservation; I called immediately after the race (at 10:00 am when they opened) to make a reservation for noon and had no issues.

The rest of our Sunday was spent napping, walking around Gaslamp (stopping at the wonderful oil and vinegar shop, Olivetti’s), and grabbing dinner at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood in PB.


I’ll be dropping Caitlin off at the airport in a couple of hours but it’s been a great weekend.

Then it’s back to work for a week before I’m off for Thanksgiving!

How was your weekend?


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6 thoughts on “This Weekend in Photos: November 14-16 – Cowles Mountain, Celebration Run San Diego + more

  1. I love Coronado Beach! I love how quiet and relaxing it is (:
    I recently became obsessed with acai bowls! There’s a place in OB called Pirates Cove Tiki Port that has a drive through (for those lazy days) and awesome acai bowls!


    1. Haven’t been there but I’ll definitely have to try it out! I’ve only been to one place in Old Town and the place I mentioned above. Looks like my next stop will be in OB 🙂


    1. Thank you! Maeby used to hate swimming but loves it now, and I always tell everyone that Dog Beach is the happiest place on Earth. She was definitely tired but ready for fun times at the dog park on Monday.


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