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Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness

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Holiday season is just around the corner, and throughout the next few weeks, I’m sharing some of my favorite gift ideas each week.

This week I’m highlighting gift ideas for your friend or family member who loves working out – whether that’s running, CrossFit, or anything in between. Please note that these posts are not sponsored – these are simply items that I’ve picked out on my own that I think everyone will enjoy!

Fitness / CrossFit Jewelry – DesignedbyKristen (Website)

fitness jewelry

If I was super into CrossFit, I’d kind of love these necklaces and earrings. There are kettlebell, dumb bell and bumper plate pieces, that are handmade in sterling silver. You can also order custom-made jewelry, so if you know someone who wants a small diamond in their barbell or they like gold more than silver, Kristen will work with you to make it what you want.

FitBit (WebsiteFacebook)

fitbit bands tory burch turqoise

I have a friend who recently purchased one of these, and she loves it. She explained that it doesn’t so much make you work out more, but it does encourage her to get her steps in each day, whether that means she’s taking a step away from the computer at lunch or she’s going to zumba class. If your friend already has a FitBit, how about a new band for it? Here are some that are affordable for everyone, and here are the Tory Burch bracelets, which (obviously) have a higher price point.

Garmin (WebsiteFacebook)

garmin running golfing watches

I got my first Garmin GPS watch as a graduation present and I love it. In my day-to-day, when I want to listen to music as well (and don’t care about pace), I use RunKeeper. But for those times that I have a specific workout in mind (such as intervals, sprints, or hills), I like to use my Garmin. I also use it on those days that I don’t want to listen to music, and I always use it for races to keep track of my pace and make sure that I’m not going too fast (and burning out) too early. They have watches for all kinds of activities, and so you’ll have no problem finding a watch for the person in your life who loves working out, no matter what kind of exercise they enjoy.

FlipBelt (WebsiteFacebook)

flipbelt what fits inside

I’ve written about FlipBelt before and I’m really enjoying this belt for all of my outdoor activities. Whether it’s going hiking, taking Maeby to the beach, or running, I love how easy it is for me to hold everything I need, while also being stylish and adding a nice pop of color to my workout clothes (I got mine in hot pink). I have friends who also use it and love it, and I’d definitely recommend this for your friend or family member who is always on the go.


What did I miss? Are you into fitness? What kind of gift would you like to receive?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness

    1. Thanks Mary Beth! Glad you thought it was a good idea…I know for my friends who have Fitbits, it’s still an accessory to them that they want to style with their outfits and mood. Have a great Thanksgiving!


    1. Yes, I love the FlipBelt too! I love that it holds more and stays in place better than my Spibelt, and am a big fan of the ring for your keys. Also glad you like the necklaces – hope you’ve passed the link along to Santa!


    1. Yeah my coworkers love it! I’ve thought about getting one as well, but I’m not sure that it would be something that would impact my current routine so not sure it’s worth it for me. But the bracelets are really cute!


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