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Club Pilates San Diego

As I mentioned in a recent post, ClassPass is officially in San Diego!

Last week, I took full advantage of my ClassPass since San Diego finally decided it wanted some (much needed) rain. All day Tuesday and Wednesday, it rained, meaning that traffic was a nightmare (SoCal people don’t know how to drive in the rain since weather conditions are perfect 95% of the time, so they just panic or drive right off the road) and I wasn’t going to be running outside.

After looking through all of the studio options, I decided on Club Pilates in Bay Ho (4901 Morena Blvd, Suite 210). It’s located very centrally, and just a short drive from my house, so I knew it would be convenient for me to get to, and I’ve also been wanting to try pilates reformer since they offered it at my old job but I never had the opportunity to do it.

I signed up for the 7:10 pm class (on Wednesday with Caleigh) through the ClassPass website, which was really easy, and got my confirmation email right away.

On Wednesday, after a terrible commute home (spent listening to Serial, so let’s be real: it actually flew by) and hanging out with Maeby for a couple of hours, I made my way over to Club Pilates.

Upon entering, I noticed how clean and bright the space was, signed in and put my shoes and keys in the cubby at the front.

reformer pilates san diego

Seeing the machines and others stretching on them was also a little intimidating for me, but I sucked it up and found a machine in the corner of the room.

club pilates san diego

clubpilates san diego

pilates reformer san diego

Class started right on time and I found it easy to catch on to what we were doing based on others around me and the instructor paying close attention to everyone’s form. Throughout the class, we used free weights, a yoga mat, and the reformer machine to get a full-body workout. I only took the Reformer 1 class (since it was my first time ever doing it) so I found the class easy-to-understand, but still challenging. The next day, my arms, legs, and especially my abs were sore…a feeling that I love.

So now the important question: Would I do it again? Yes, and I plan to! I loved that we stayed moving throughout the entire class, that it was challenging, and the fact that it really was a full-body workout. It was also really different from anything I’ve ever done before, and that kept it interesting for me.

Have you ever done pilates reformer? What fitness class should I try next?

Disclosure: ClassPass provided me a complimentary month of service in exchange for sharing my experience with it. All opinions, as usual, are my own. 

12 thoughts on “Club Pilates San Diego

  1. I have never done pilates reformer but definitely want to try it (my sister swears by it). Do you know if Club Pilates is just a San Diego thing or if they have them everywhere?


    1. I’d definitely recommend it. If you go to the Club Pilates website, it looks like they have locations in several states, though most of their studios appear to be in Southern California. I’m sure you can find a studio close to you to try it out! It’s a lot of fun.


    1. Yeah I wrote it up and I think I’ll post it some time next week. I also have to write up a post on Yoga Six in Point Loma and TITLE Boxing after next weekend!


  2. I really need to start listening to podcasts or learning a different language (Spanish, so California will want me back) or something during my long drives! I’d save a lot more time that way! Do you listen to it on your phone or something? Or download it and stuff it on a CD? (Am I just archaic and technologically un-advanced? ._. )

    I’ve never done a pilates reformer class but that looks like a ton of fun! I love that sore feeling too, even if I hate climbing stairs (or really, just moving in general) the day after. 😛


    1. Hey! If you have an iPhone you can download the Podcast app. It’s free and from there you can search for and download podcasts about whatever you want. I listen to Serial, another one called The Right Reasons (which is where the hosts talk about reality tv), and some other ones on running. My boyfriend listens to his favorite comedians’ podcasts and other ones that interest him. It’s great and super easy! Let me know if you have trouble setting it up and I can try to help.


  3. I have never tried pilates reformer, but I keep hearing amazing things! I really want to try it!!! Have you tried a kickboxing workout, or barre? I’d say go for one of those! I also hear The Rush Indoor Cycling is a BLAST! I have a girlfriend that goes and she loves it.


    1. You should definitely try it! I haven’t done kickboxing yet, but plan on going to a regular boxing class at TITLE Boxing Club in North Park this weekend, and hope to try a kickboxing class there sometime next week. I tried barre but didn’t love it…it may have been the studio so I’m open to trying it somewhere else. What’s your favorite place to workout in SD?


    1. That’s crazy you’ve been going there for 18 months, but it’s such an awesome class! So much fun. I haven’t been to the slow flow classes at Yoga Six (just their hot yoga) but I’ll have to try it out. Haven’t done Rush Spin either but did try RideOn SD in PB (review to come next week) and I loved it!


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