One Year

solana beach

In case you missed it on my Instagram, I arrived in San Diego a year ago as of a couple of weeks ago.

It’s crazy to me how quickly the past year flew by, but that’s probably for a good reason: it was undoubtedly the best year of my life.

I remember how I felt when I began applying to jobs out here from Connecticut. I figured the likelihood that anyone would hire me–let alone, interview me–was pretty low. In 2012, I had tried applying to jobs in Manhattan and Boston, and no one would talk to me since I didn’t already live there. And at that point I was only 2 hours away from each of those cities.

But I got lucky. Two weeks after I began applying, I had a first interview at two separate companies, both of which were for roles dealing with social media, something I was hoping to get more involved in. A week after that, I had a second interview (this time via Skype) at one of those places, the next day I was asked for references, and the day after that, I was offered a job. By mid-November, I had a new job lined up at a company 3,000 miles away.

By the beginning of December, I learned how to actually pack up an apartment, planned my route, and spent a week driving across country with Adam and Maeby, during which I learned the best way to move across country, especially when it comes to moving across country with your dog. In the end, it took us 7 days, but we drove through 14 states and arrived in San Diego with a lease starting the next day and all of my furniture scheduled to arrive later that week.

I have so many thoughts about this past year. I experienced doubt but was reminded by so many people that the right time is now. I expected such a significant change and in some ways, that’s what I got, but at the same time, everything was just so…easy. I don’t know if it was my job, the support I already had here, or just how wonderful of a city San Diego is, but from the moment we arrived, it felt right. And yet, I’m still in awe over the landscape when I’m driving to and from work, and can’t get over the fact that I live in a place where people come to vacation.

Despite all the doubt, fears and uncertainty I faced when moving, I am so happy I did it. It’s crazy how time flies, but it’s been a year since I arrived in San Diego, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

As 2014 comes to a close, and I reflect back on all of the incredible experiences I’ve had over the last year, I’m eager to see what 2015 brings. I’m not sure how this coming year could possibly top 2014, but 2015, give it your best shot.

12 thoughts on “One Year

    1. Yes, Rachel, it’s been a great year! It was definitely a crazy process getting everything in order before moving, but it’s proven to be well worth it. I’m not gonna lie though – I’m jealous of the photos you post of the pups in the snow! I miss that weather. Not four months of it, but definitely some snowfall here and there. Maybe I’ll have to take Maeby up to Nor Cal for some fun in the snow!


      1. Oh yeah, I love living in Oakland because the weather is so mild. It only varies about 10 to 20 degrees from winter to summer and no rain all summer! Plus it only takes a few hours to drive to Lake Tahoe if we want some snow action in the winter (and visit the parents…lol). There might be snowy mountains down there too? Either way, I’d highly recommenced a Nor Cal visit! It is beautiful here:)


      2. We have mountains about 2.5 hours away, at Big Bear Lake! A few of my coworkers get cabins up there in the winter and go skiing, which is funny to me since I grew up in New England and have never been skiing! I’m planning a trip to San Francisco next year with some of my friends from college; they’re flying out to San Diego and we’re driving up the coast to SF (where one of our friends lives). I’m excited to see more of the state, and would love to get to Nor Cal one day in the future. I bet Maeby would love playing with the tennis ball with Kaya!


      3. Cool! Yes, get in touch. We’d love to meet up! Kaya & Norman can show Maeby the Bay Area doggy digs;) We’re actually heading south at the end of this month though we’ll be in Ventura which is still pretty far from San Diego:(


  1. You’ve had such a busy and awesome year! :O I’m really gonna need tips from you on how to move across the country if I get lucky enough to land my residency back in California! ❤


    1. Yes, it’s been a good one Farrah! I hope you land your residency back here…it’s such a beautiful and fun city. And I can definitely give you advice on moving across country! I’ve helped a few people with it and consider myself an expert now, haha. 🙂


    1. Yes – life here is pretty amazing. It helps that I have great friends (who show up with garbage bags out of nowhere and keep me alive during Lyft rides) 😉


    1. I think you might be right about that. Not positive, but maybe.

      Also, I should note that I definitely plan to come out there! Just need to figure out dates/finances/if I’ll drive with Marbles 🙂


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