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Yoga Six Point Loma

Last month, as part of my having a ClassPass, I got the opportunity to do one of my favorite workouts: hot yoga. Keep in mind, I tried out Bikram in the past and enjoyed that it was hot but I really didn’t like that it’s 90 minutes long and everything (down to the words the instructors say) is the same regardless of what class you go to. I decided to try out Yoga Six in Point Loma, located in Liberty Station at 2850 Womble Road.

yoga six point loma entrance

In my first month of ClassPass, I went to Yoga Six twice and really enjoyed the classes both times. Here’s what I loved about this studio:

  • It’s clean…and seems kind of luxurious. You can exchange your car keys for a padlock so you can keep your belongings in a locker. In the actual locker room, there are showers (with shampoo, conditioner and body wash), and the whole environment is really calming.

yoga six showers

  • They had little bags in the locker room that you can take to put your dirty (or sweat-soaked, if you choose to do a hot yoga class) clothes, which prevents other stuff in your gym bag from getting gross. I loved this.

yoga six locker room

  • Everyone is really nice. The first day I arrived, the woman at the front was very friendly and gave me a tour of the studio. She made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in, as did the instructors.
  • In the first hot yoga class I took, the instructor started out by asking if there was anyone who didn’t want to be touched (pushed further into poses, etc) during class. I really appreciated it and have never been to a class where an instructor asked this; some people really don’t want that extra push or to be touched during their class, and I loved that she respected that.

In the end, I took two hot yoga classes, one on a Sunday morning and the other on a Thursday evening. Each was taught by a different instructor and the environment in each was completely different. I especially loved the Thursday evening class; the things that Jen, the instructor, said really resonated with me, and the room was dark, with candles lit. It was a perfect way to begin wrapping up a stressful week, and as I happened to be dealing with some personal issues on that day in particular, I found that class really special and helpful.

Will I return to Yoga Six? Obviously. The instructors were really great, the studio is beautiful, and I’m excited to begin incorporating hot yoga into my routine.

Have you ever done Bikram or hot yoga? Which do you prefer? 

Disclosure: ClassPass provided me a complimentary month of service in exchange for sharing my experience with it. All opinions, as usual, are my own. 

9 thoughts on “Yoga Six Point Loma

  1. The studio is super pretty and those little baggies in the locker room are such a nice (and considerate!) touch. I’ve never come across an instructor who’d ask if anyone didn’t want to be touched either–that’s super considerate and it’s great that they’re so respectful there!

    I took several hot yoga classes during winter break of my first year of med school and liked it a lot, although I’m with you on every class being the same (despite my love for schedules and routines, I do like some variety when it comes to fitness classes and workouts)!


    1. Yes – it’s a really great studio, so WHEN you move out here (see what I did there?), you’ll know just the right studio to go to. I love the way you feel when you leave class – the cool air in the hallway hits you and it’s the best feeling!


      1. hahaha, I definitely wouldn’t fight you on that one. ;P I just gotta find a residency program down there that wants me as much as I want them! ❤


  2. I just took a class at Yoga Six as part of my Class Pass trial too! I absolutely loved it and the instructors were amazing like you said. I tried the Fit60 Sculpt class (what a workout) and am thinking about trying the hot yoga one. The bathrooms were the nicest ones I’ve ever seen at any fitness studio (the showers, the lockers, and even the high tech toilets!).


    1. So glad you had as great of an experience as I did. I saw pictures from the Fit60 Sculpt class on their instagram and it looked intense! I’d definitely try a hot yoga class there, and if you’re looking to relax toward the end of the week, I highly recommend the Thursday night one. With the lights out and candles lit, it helped me clear my mind after a stressful week.


  3. YAY! I’m glad you loved Yoga Six, Gloria! I agree, that whole studio is like a luxury spa experience. I love all the little touches. BTW I am still on ClassPass 🙂 I should try Barre 3!
    I have a Slow Flow class this week, but I am SO curious to try the Yoga Sculpt too. It seems like it might be more cardio oriented than strength training oriented. I guess I’ll have to find out!


    1. I want to try the Yoga Sculpt class too and I’d definitely recommend you try Barre3. It’s a little more yoga/pilates focused that Pure Barre, so the environment, I feel, is more relaxing. You still get a great workout from it (I’m already noticing changes in my body) but in my opinion, it’s a more enjoyable workout. Let me know if you end up going to a class!


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